Lucia Santiago, FINA Press Correspondent in Spain

Spain, Japan and Ukraine celebrated their victories in the duet, duet mixed and highlight final this Sunday, on the third and final day of the fifth leg of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Series, organised in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ESP).

The day started with the triumph of Spain's Ona Carbonell and Paula Ramirez in the duet free routine final, in front of Ukraine's Anna Voloshyna and Yelyzaveta Yakhno and Belarus' Iryna Limanouskaya and Veronika Yesipovich.

"We received a very good feedback in general and some very good feelings. We have competed very well and that gives us more energy to improve things that can be improved", said Ona Carbonell.

Paula Ramirez added: "To beat Ukraine in the duo was a very difficult goal and we have succeeded. I am proud and happy, also very tired, but the effort has paid off. It was one of my best performances".

They scored 92.9668 in the free routine for a total of 183.3240.

The second-placed Ukrainian Anna Voloshyna and Yelyzaveta Yakhno were proud of their perfomance in the meet too.

"We won medals in every event and it was because of our coaches. We are working so hard and I think that day after day we are stronger", said Anna Voloshyna.

She was specially happy with her performance one day before at solo. "Many people said to me that the solo was perfect. I am sure that I have given my best. I will try to do it even better in the future", commented.

Belarus' coach Natalia Sakharuk said: "I think Spain is a lucky country for us. I don't know why but it is real. I am suprised with my girls because in the technical routine they showed a clear swimming. It is a young duet, I feel really proud".

Japan's mixed duet Abe Atsushi/Adachi Yumi was the strongest in the free routine with 86.0668 for a total of 170.8298. Spain's Berta Ferreras and Pau Ribes took silver in 165.9406 while in third possition appeared Germany's Amelie Ebert and Niklas Stoepel with 68.8332 in the free and 69.0838 in the technical respectively.

"We are happy with this gold medal, but we want to improve our results in the World Championships next July," said Adachi Yumi.

In the highlight final, Ukraine finished 1.333 points ahead, with a score of 91.8332 to Spain's 90.4999. It the third place was Kazakhstan with a score of 79.2668.

The Synchro Spanish Open, which also featured domestic title events, was the fifth stop of the seven-leg FINA Synchronised Swimming World Series.

"For Spain, as a host country, it is an honor to be part of such an important competition. I think FINA Synchronised Swimming World Series will have a great future", said Fernando Carpena, president of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation.

"I liked it very much. The level was very good. It is the first time I come to a Spanish local competition and it was very well organised", said FINA delegate Stefanie Budini.


  • Solo: 1. Ona Carbonell (ESP) 182.9792; 2. Anna Voloshyna (UKR) 181.6459; 3. Szofi Kiss (HUN) 156.9575
  • Duet: 1. Ona Carbonell/Paula Ramirez (ESP) 183.3240; 2. Anna Voloshyna/Jelyzaveta Yakhno (UKR) 180.1179; 3. Iryna Limanouskaya/Veronika Yesipovich (BLR) 164.9066
  • Mixed duet: 1. Abe Atsushi/Adachi Yumi (JPN) 170.8298; 2. Berta Ferreras/Pau Ribes (ESP) 165.9406; 3. Amelie Ebert/Niklas Stoepel (GER) 137.9170
  • Team: 1. Ukraine 183.8718; 2. Spain 178.8717; 3. Kazakhstan 161.2293
  • Combination: 1. Ukraine 90.6001; 2. Spain 89.4668; 3. Kazakhstan 81.2334
  • Highlight: 1. Ukraine 91.8332; 2. Spain 90.4999; 3. Kazakhstan 79.2668