FINA Communications Department

The youth Spanish team won the 4th FINA World Women's Youth Water Polo Championships tournament on Sunday September 2 in Belgrade, Serbia, after a week of fierce pool action with the world's 16 most promising teams.

The Spaniards defeated Italy 8-7 in the final on Sunday night (1-2, 3-2, 2-1, 2-2), as both teams climbed up a spot compared to the last edition's ranking*.

In the bronze game, Greece showed great form and beat the Australians 7-3 (1-1, 2-1, 3-0, 1-1). Greece jumped from the 6th place in 2016 to make the podium in Belgrade.

Previous title holders Russia secured the eight place in Belgrade.

2018 final ranking

1. Spain, 2. Italy, 3. Greece, 4. Australia, 5. Netherlands, 6. Hungary, 7. USA, 8. Russia, 9. New Zealand, 10. Canada, 11. Kazakhstan, 12. Uzbekistan, 13. Brazil, 14. South Africa, 15. Serbia, 16. Argentina

You can read detailed game reports on FINA website here and the photo gallery is available here.


*The final standing of the 3rd FINA World Women's Youth Water Polo Championships was:

1. Russia, 2. Spain, 3. Italy, 4. Netherlands, 5. United States of America, 6. Greece, 7. China, 8. Hungary, 9.Australia, 10.New Zealand, 11.Canada, 12.Germany, 13.Japan, 14.South Africa, 15.Mexico