FINA Communications Department

The first two FINA Technical Congresses – Synchronised Swimming, and Diving & High Diving – took place today in Budapest (HUN), a couple of days before the start of the 17th FINA World Championships in the Magyar capital.

“This is certainly a great opportunity, every four years, to update, improve and modernise our rules, with the contribution of our National Federations and Technical Committees. Their valuable work makes our Sport bigger and more recognised, thus generating more popularity and inspiration in the five continents”, stated the FINA President Dr Julio C. Maglione to the delegates of both Congresses.

The main rule changes approved by the National Federations’ representatives were:


- Introduction of a new event in the programme of the FINA World Championships: the Highlight Routine (with 10 swimmers). Required elements (to be performed by all athletes) for this routine include a minimum of four acrobatic movements (jumps, throws, lifts, stacks or platforms), a connected or intertwined action, and a float to give a kaleidoscopic effect;

- Figure routines are replaced by technical routines at FINA World Junior Synchronised Swimming Championships;

- Free team routines may have a maximum of six acrobatic movements (excluding partner lifts). If this number is exceeded, a two-point penalty shall be deducted from the routine score;

- Reduction of the Free Combination routine time, from 4m30s to 4m00s;

- Changes in the judgement of figures, with definitions for small, medium and large deductions;

- For Solo and Duet technical routines, all elements shall be performed parallel to the sides of the pool where the panel of judges have been placed;

- Update on the rules concerning the music accompaniments;

- Adjustments on some synchro movements.

Photo credit by Giorgio Scala/Deepbluemedia


- Precisions on the competition format, namely in mixed synchronised diving events;

- Clear definition of double bounce on the end of springboard or double jump on the end of the platform, before take-off;

- Precisions on the possible judging score deductions.


- Readjustments in the diving number designations;

- Possibility for each diver to provide two reserve dives, which may be substituted five minutes before the commencement of the final round of dives;

- New deductions for divers touching or performing unsafely close to the platform;

- Updated criteria for the establishment of the degree of difficulty for dives with twists.

 On July 13, 2017 two more Technical Congresses – Open Water Swimming and Water Polo – will be staged in Budapest. On July 21, Swimming and Masters will update their technical rules, while the FINA General Congress will be held on July 22, 2017.