The 17th FINA World Championship have officially started in Balatonfured as well.

At the Opening Ceremony FINA President Julio C. Maglione praised the accomplishment of the organisers.

The President expressed his gratitude to Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, Istvan Boka, the Mayor of host city, Balatonfured and FINA’s Hungarian Vice-President Tamas Gyarfas in particular.

According to Maglione, Balatonfured will serve as a great and worthwhile venue for the open water swimming tournament.

In his speech Mayor Istvan Boka emphasised that the city has been committed to open water swimming since 2014 and there are long term plans.

“All the facilities were completed in time, and the World Championships enhance the reputation of the city” said Boka.

The Opening Ceremony featured a half-an-hour fashion show by famous Hungarian designer Kati Zoob. The collection was primarily inspired by the traditions of Anna Ball held in Balatonfured every year.

The open water competition started today (Friday July 15) with the men's 5km race. It resumes tomorrow with the women's 10km. It will end on Friday July 21 with the highly anticipated 25km mixed event.