Giannis Korakis

USA and Spain will be the pair of the final in the 11th World
Women’s Junior Championship in Volos. As in 2013, in the same swimming pool,
the two teams will fight again for the gold medal (two years ago USA had won 9-7).
That will be the fifth final for USA, where they will battle for the fourth
time for the gold. Spain will play for the third time in a final and this is
the second time she will battle for the gold.Τhe game
will start at 20:00, as Canada and Russia will play for the bronze medal (18:30).USA and Spain were better in the two semifinals, although Russia and
Canada tried to overcome the difficulties. USA dominated Russia (13-11) and
Spain beat Canada (11-9).

Greece dominated Hungary (11-8) and will confront Italy (17:00) for places 5th -6th. Brazil will battle Hungary for places 7th-8th.

USA celebrating their place in the final ©HELLENIC SWIMMING FEDERATION

The semifinals in details:
Places 1-4
CANADA-SPAIN   9-11 (2-3, 1-2, 3-3, 3-3)
Spain controlled the match from the beginning, was good in the defense  and scoring from distance. Canadians scored from the extra player, but not as much so as to follow the Spanish, that leaded from the beginning  the game.
Canada (D. Paradelo): Christmas 3, Wright 3 , Paul 1, McCelvey 1 , Crevier 1.
Spain (X. Perez): Forca 4, Ortiz 3, I. Gonzalez 2 , Leiton 1, Cordobes 1.
Extraplayer: CAN: 5/15, ESP: 0/9
Penalties:  CAN: 1/1 , ESP: 3/3
Referees: Varkonyi (Hungary)-Garribaldi (ARG)
Xavier Perez: «We played against a very strong team, like Canada. Our team was concentrated, so we reached in this victory. I hope that this time we will celebrate.  Between USA and Russia, I have no preferation, because both are very good teams.
David Paradelo: «We had our opportunity to reach the finals, but we didn’t do it. Our next goal is the bronze medal».
RUSSIA-USA 11-13  (3-4,1-3, 4-4, 3-2)
The Russians tried to stop the Americans in the shoots from distance, managed to equalize the score (8-8), but USA with good defense and efficiency in the extra player in the end obtained the victory.
Russia (A. Gaidukov): Simanovich 5,  Borisova 3 , Trotskaya 1 , Kolmakova 1, Kravchenko 1.
USA (C. Simmons): Brooks 4, Barr 3, Fischer 2 , Neushul 2,Raney 1, Mutafyan 1.
Extraplayer : RUS: 4/5 , USA: 6/8
Penalties : RUS: 0/0 , USA:1/1
Referees: Mauss (GER)-Zhang (CHN)
Coralie Simmons (US National coach): «Volos proved lucky city for us. It is the repetition of the final held two years ago in Spain and won the gold medal.
Russia is a very strong team with a good physical condition, good tactics and us made it difficult enough. Our next target gold on which we have worked a lot.
 Andrei Belofastov (Assistant National Russia coach): «We started well, but the US team managed to bore our counterattacks when we approached the score. In the last two games, we have shown that we are good and strong team and so will try to do tomorrow (Sunday) in the game with Canada for the bronze medal». 
Places 5-8       
GREECE-HUNGARY 11-8 (1-1, 3-2, 4-2, 3-3)
GREECE (G. Morfesis): S. Charalampidi 4 , E. Pleuritou 3, Chydirioti 2, Χenaki 2.
Hungary (M. Petrovic): Horvath 3 , Gurisatti 2, Leimeter 1 , Hertzka 1, Shilagyi 1
Extraplayer: GRE: 6/7, HUN: 3/6
Penalties:  GRE: 1/3, HUN: 1/1
Referees: Dreval (RUS)-Ortega (USA)
ITALY-BRAZIL 13-5 (1-2, 5-1, 4-1, 3-1)
Italy (P. Zizza) Picozzi 5, Gragnolati 4, Marletta 1, Carrega 1, Cittino 1, Ιoannou 1
Brazil (P. Oaten) Abla 2, Duarte 1, Chiappini 1, Ferreira 1
Extraplayer: ITA (5/7 ), BRA (2/13 )
Penalties ITA (1/1 ), BRA (0/0)
Referees: Colominas (ESP), Waldow (NZL)
Places 9-10
NEW ZEALAND- AUSTRALIA 6-15 (2-3, 2-2, 1-5, 1-5)
New Zealand (A. Biro ): Dance 2, Ηarman 1, Doyle 1, Nicholson 1, Carevich 1
Αustralia (E.Denis): Ruffin 3, Steere 3, Roberts 2, Casey 2, Perkins 2, Mutafyan 1, Sogaard-Andersen  1, Walsh 1
Extraplayer: NZL (0/4), AUS (3/6)
Penalties: (0/0), (2/2)
Referees: Ceccarelli (ITA), Le Marque(RSA)
Ρlaces 11-12
MEXICO- JAPAN 11-18 (1-3, 3-7, 5-3, 2-5)
Mexico (K. Alfaro): Ortega 3, Vizcarra 3, Dominguez 2, Bustos 2, Flores 1
Japan (K.Ol):  Kazama 6, Funaki 6, Suzuki 2, Hasoumi 2, Sakanoue 1, Saito 1
Extraplayer: ΜΕΧ (4/7), JAP (5/6)
Penalties: MEX (0/0), JAP (0/,0)
Referees: Dulith-Dumas (NED), Florestano (BRA)
The tomorrow schedule:
15:30 Hungary-Brazil (places 7th-8th)
17:00 Greece-Italy (places 5th- 6th)
18:30 Canada-Russia (places 3th-4th)
20:00 Spain- USA (places 1th-2th)