Olga Kamardina, FINA Correspondent in Russia

Russia, Australia and Mexico are the three other nations on podium

Chinese show supremacy in women’s 10m platform 

China's rookies Qian Ren and Yajie Sie made a strong impression in the women's 10m platform final. They decidedly took initiative in their hands to book the double win ahead of schedule. 2016 Olympic Champion Qian dominated the final as her teammate Si, who got silver in Rio, had been some 10 points adrift. Their scores never dipped below 76, and they both sealed their podium presences scoring 76.80 for their Back 2.5 somersaults 1.5 twists pike to end at 394.25 and 382.25 points respectively.

Women's 10m platform event in action

The third person on the board was Viviana del Angel Peniche of Mexico. The junior took a slow start, ranking lowly fifth after her first dive, 70.50, and then revived to come to bronze for the first time ever.

“I am extremely happy with the win and with the result I showed today, - confessed the Mexican diver. - This is my first medal in the Diving Worlds, as well as the first individual medal ever. I understand, there is always room to improve, and I had some mistakes. My armstand dive is not that perfect, but I will train hard to improve and master it another time”.

Despite registering a competition best with her third dive, 84.15. for the Back 3.5 somersaults tuck, Qian Ren felt, she could have performed even better.

“I did pretty well, - commented on her performance the winner Qian Ren, - However, it was not perfect, based on what I expect of myself. I was focused on each individual dive and I think this is why I got the medal. This is my first title this edition of the FINA/NVC Diving World Series, and I would very much like to proceed in this winning path in Canada”.

China extends unbeaten streak in men's 3m springboard

Unlike in Guangzhou and Beijing, 3m synchro springboard Olympic champion of Great Britain did not appear on the podium for 3m springboard winners in Kazan. On his second attempt, his take-off was absolutely perfect, but Jack Laugher could not find the bottom of it, and his entry aroused a good splash. No surprise, he earned just 57.75 with his Back 3.5 somersaults tuck, thus giving a chance for his challengers. One of them was Ilia Zakharov of Russia, which did not hesitate to make use of this chance. With his 207C dive he scored 86.40 points, and then boosted his gap as to 91.00 on the next 307C dive. Zakharov did not excel himself further on, thought the margin got was pretty enough to secure bronze at 486.70.

Ilia Zakharov of Russia, bronze medalist in men's 3m springboard event

"I dived better, than yesterday, - Ilia Zakharov commented on his podium presence. - I am pleased with the fact I won a medal at home, as this is the Russian first podium presence in individual events in this Diving Worlds this year. I am not satisfied with all of my dives, of course. We have been working hard on our list and have not so far set the highest DD”.

As for the gold, it was one more time this evening played between the Chinese. 2016 Olympic champion Yuan Cao showed consistency and balance, tight spins and rip entries into the water. He finished over 8 points ahead of his compatriot Siyi, 515.40, registering his first win in 2017 FINA/NVC Diving World Series.

“Diving and competing is what we love to do. The more titles, the more increase the challenges keep us fit and concentrated to maintain the high technical level. We will continue training and focus to return to the podium in Canada. This is so nice, that we have got so many Chinese athletes on top as it helps us to keep in tune” - said Siyi Xie afterwards.

Australia celebrates its first podium trip in Kazan

Jie Lian and Junjie Lian, following their tradition set in Beijing, left no chances for their rivals in the mixed 10m platform. They posted a strong list. After 2 rounds, their margin reached some 10 points, and the next dive they produced, it’s almost doubled. In the end, they totalled 347.76, some 8 points less than they had in Guangzhou and over 17, comparing to Beijing.

China's duo finished atop in mixed 10m platform event

Russian Iuliia Timoshinina and Viktor Minibaev collected silver at 323.88, repeating their success story of the initial leg of the circuit in China. On their 4th attempt, they executed a 207C/307C dive with the most DD in the field (3.4), and were rewarded for the courage to see the best score of the day, 84.66.

Melissa Wu/Domonic Bedggood of Australia completed the podium, 314.34, and they were pretty happy with their 2nd bronze of the World Series-2017.

“To win gold means we are on top, which is great, - said Lie Lian of China. – We dived pretty well today, and we are satisfied with our results. We are young, and we are looking forward to show our best. Hopefully, we will have such a good chance in Budapest and from now on we will train to get prepared”.

“Mixed competition is very special. You are responsible not just for yourself, but for your partner. Together with Iuliia, we need some more time to find the better chemistry, - said Viktor Minnibaev of Russia. – I liked that we got the medal, but we are not doing our best, you know. We are training hard at the moment, and the pressure is reflected in our competition results.”

“Very happy with how it is going so far, - concluded Melissa Wu of Australia. - I had to take some time to recover from the injury I got earlier this year and to obtain my best form. I like teaming Domonic, he is such a good partner. He is diving really well now. I hope, I will come back out of my injury, and will be able to dive to peak form in Budapest”.

Awarding ceremony in mixed 10m platform event

Competition results. FINA World Diving Series 2017. Leg 3.
April, 1 Day 1

10m platform women
1. Ren Qian (CHN) 394.25
2. Si Yajie (CHN) 382.90
3. Del Angel Peniche (MEX) 349.55
4. Benfeito Meaghan (CAN) 344.95
5. Sabri Nur Dhabitah Binti (MAS) 333.75
6. Pamg Pamdelela (MAS) 325.70

3m springboard men
1. Cao Yuan (CHN) 515.40
2. Xie Siyi (CHN) 507.10
3. Zakharov Ilia (RUS) 486.70
4. Laugher Jack (GBR) 474.60
5. Kvasha Illya (UKR) 457.00
6. Imbeau-Dulac Francois (CAN) 438.75

10m platform mixed
1. Lian Jie/Lian Junjie (CHN) 347.76
2. Timoshinina Iuliia/Minibaev Viktor (RUS) 323.88
3. Wu Melissa/Bedggood Domonic (AUS) 314.34
4. Benfeito MMeaghan/Riendeau Vincent (CAN) 299.52
5. Batki Noemi/Verzotto Maicol (ITA) 297.96
6. Del Angel Peniche Viviana/Ocampo Marroquin Jahir (MEX) 281.82