FINA Communication Department

Perfect conditions seem to be reunited for the first divers who have started training at the brand new state-of-the-art Duna Arena, as venue is all set to welcome the world of Aquatics.

Divers from China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine, USA and others had the privilege to be amongst the first teams to inaugurate the waters of this exceptional sporting complex in the heart of Hungary’s capital, as training resumed for those already arrived on site.

As Chinese coaches are fine tuning their athletes’ techniques from the side of the pool using tablets technologies, we can hear the springboards roar in the background and perceive the fear of height from the 10m platform, while divers cool down in the jacuzzis and showers located just behind the diving tower and it all looks very exciting.

On the benches, we can spot the teams bags decorated with lucky charms and colourful pins.

All white and blue, the colour skim of the complex reminds of FINA’s corporate identify and long-time motto - Water is Our World.

The facilities are modern, contrasting nicely with the historical sites present at every corner in the city, and well-adapted to the needs of the athletes and all parties involved in such a huge event, Hungary’s biggest event in History, in fact, not just in sports events but in general with almost 350 000 tickets sold.

Spectacular and newest FINA’s discipline high diving to be held at the Batthyány Square (Buda embankment of the Danube) was the first event to be fully sold out, followed by the country’s most popular sport water polo and then swimming, in which superstar Katinka Hosszu is expected to achieve miracles.

The podium, where the medals will be distributed, overlooks both swimming and diving pools and offers spectators a great privileged view. The athletes will be elevated to the rank of real stars as the World Championships celebrates their effort and commitment.

The media facilities, the stands, the photographers working room and the mixed zone are large and fully equipped for the event. Here again the best working conditions seem to be available for photographers and broadcasters will enjoy optimal working conditions to feed the world with the most complete coverage of FINA’s showcase event, the 17th FINA World Championships.

The diving competition kicks-off on July 14, with the preliminary rounds of the men and women’s 1m event, and will end on Saturday July 22 with the men’s 10m final as the last event on the programme. The highly anticipated team event, which includes dives from 3 and 10m will be held on Tuesday July 18.