Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

Perth, Australia, Mar 29— Day four produced the qualifiers for the Super Finals following quarterfinals of the FINA Water Polo World League Intercontinental Cup at the HBF Stadium in Perth.

In men's competition, Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan and Australia qualified for the Super Final in Belgrade, Serbia.

Japan started the surge with a 13-8 margin against Argentina; Canada pipped China 11-10 in a controversial finish; Kazakhstan shrugged off South Africa 14-8 and Australia downed New Zealand 15-4.

In the China-Canada clash, China shot a fraction of a second after full time had expired, but the hooter did not sound. A video review showed that Canada had indeed won the match.

In women's play, China, Canada, reigning World League champion United States of America and Australia booked their spots for the June Super Final in Budapest, Hungary.

China was the first across the line with a 16-5 win over Kazakhstan; Canada came back from three down to beat Japan 9-6; USA dispensed with South Africa 22-4 and host Australia finished the quartet with a 15-4 trans-Tasman victory over New Zealand.

With the main object of the competition over, now it comes down to bragging rights with some tantalising face-offs set down for Saturday.

Saturday schedule:

08:30: W17, 5-8 Semifinal 1, Kazakhstan v New Zealand

09:45: W18, 5-8 Semifinal 2, Japan v South Africa

11:15: M17, 5-8 Semifinal 1, Argentina v South Africa

12:30: M18, 5-8 Semifinal 2, China v New Zealand

16:15: W19, 1-4 Semifinal 1, China v Australia

17:30: W20, 1-4 Semifinal 2, Canada v USA

19:00: M19, 1-4 Semifinal 1, Japan v Kazakhstan

20:30: M20, 1-4 Semifinal 2, Canada v Australia