Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

Gwangju, South Korea,.— Beach water polo is taking off in France with a series starting on the southern beaches this coming week.

Bogdan Cutovic, who plays for France, said his team has been training for about a month for this tournament.

"To try beach in the sea would be different, but it would be good to play in a pool.

"It would be best to play in the south of France because of all the beaches. The weather is better for longer periods."

Bogdan likes the fact that smaller, agile players can participate on an even playing field.

"There would not be a big difference in the league between first, second and third."

Canadian beach water polo international Diego Gonzalez says it's all about fun — not a real league, but enjoyment and a promotion for the main game.

"I hope it gets implemented as part of our league or a sub league. It would be best where there is predictable, sunny weather and it doesn't screw with our (league) schedule."

He thinks it would be better indoors because of the col, waves and lack of suitable beaches in Canada.

If he thought any changes to the current rules were needed, he said:

"No. It's rather exciting right now. It's super fun and different.

"Water polo is longer and more sustained. In beach you have to give 100 per cent for 10 possessions and sub out and then come in and do the same."

Canadian team-mate Harrison Henning has fallen in love with the discipline.

"Yeah, it was a really fun game. I think this is a fun sport, because it has a shorter ball distance and one-to-one play."

He wishes to play the beach style when he goes back home and would like to promote it.

France qualified for Friday's final after beating Canada 29-4 in a frantic match at the FINA World Championship beach water polo tournament at the Nambu University Grounds in Gwangju on Wednesday.

Canada might have had the rough end of today's match and it certainly would have trouble finding appropriate beaches in the snowy and icy wastes of Canada.

In the other encounter of the four-team exhibition series, Argentina beat China 25-23after leading 14-12 at halftime.

Argentina will play France for the inaugural title and China will clash with Canada for bronze.