Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

Gwangju, South Korea.— Beach water polo entered its fourth day and for one Spanish player, she thinks the future is bright for the new discipline.

"We have good weather and it would be cool to have water polo on beaches back home," said Alejandra Aznar.
"It's really physical and demands a lot of swimming. It's really tiring and physically very tough. It's different.

"You have to think and you have to act really fast. You can't stop after a goal, so this makes it faster, something we are not used to."

And on playing in a pool here in Gwangju instead of the beach? "I like the pool better because there are no waves and fishes!"

United States of America player Honnie Van der Weghe said beach water polo was "an amazing idea". In fact, she also said it was "super cool".

"I like the style and the space and you play one on one. It's just not having to think too much or where to put the ball.

"It's tough and quick. There is a room for two styles of play with different players for each," she said.

It was the fourth day of the FINA World Championship beach water polo tournament at the Nambu University Grounds and USA had just beaten Spain 13-7 after leading  6-3 at halftime.

Spanish player Dalmases scored the final three goals  in a staggering 30 seconds, but even that Amazonian effort was not enough to peg back teh superior play of USA.

Jamie Neushul was the match's top scorer with six goals, four coming in the second half.

The second match of the day is being played between Australia and China played the second match and showed just how exciting this brand of the sport can be. It ended in a 14-14 scoreline, but with four minutes left it was locked at 10-10.

China broke the deadlock at 3:18, netted twice more by 2:36 and looked set for victory.

In just over a minute, Australia was back on level terms. Deep into the final minute the Australian goalkeeper swam across halfway to score with one second on the clock. Unfortunately for her, the Chinese goalkeeper plucked the ball from goal and sent it downfield into the Aussie goal for the 14-14 equaliser on full time.

The finals are on Thursday with USA playing Spain for gold and Australia clashing with China for bronze. After today's effort between Australia and China a rematch is mouth-watering.