Maureen Croes, FINA Media Committee

The 6th stop of the FINA Artistic World Series came to a grand finale today in the Greensboro Aquatic Centre in Greensboro, NC, USA.

The last two Team titles were up for grabs while the much anticipated and fun gala was the last event on the programme.

The Highlight event featured only the team from Hungary. The Hungarians swam to the Incredible soundtrack, mimicking their “Agents” theme throughout the routine. The routine filled with acrobatic moves, lifts, jumps and throws had the spectators entertained. For their performance the team achieved 75.4500 and secured their first medal, a gold, in this ASWS.

“Yes, of course, I am very happy” shared Hungarian Head Coach Natalia Tarasova , “They really like this routine, it’s much shorter, and easier than a normal routine. The music is happy, so everyone is happy.”

In the Combo event, Japan continued its dominance of this ASWS. Led by star Yukiko Inui, the Japanese swimmers were awarded 93.8167 and a well-deserved gold medal. The routine, themed “Mermaid”, was a showcase of quick changing formations, with a very creative touch as they were using their feet to resemble the tail of a mermaid. Japan’s Head Coach Masayo Imura could not stop smiling after seeing the score:

“I am happy, happy, happy. The weekend was very good, but this was a nice way to end the meet. I am very satisfied with the performances. We are ready to go to Canada.”

Hungary, feeling confident after winning the Highlight event, claimed the silver medal with a score of 76.8583. The bronze medal went to domestic team ANA Synchro who were awarded 71.5833 for their routine “The Dream” swum to music by Eminem.

Then it was finally time for the fun to start. The Gala event which has become very popular among the artistic swimming athletes and spectators. It has received such a great reception that it has been added to the schedule of the next World Championships in Gwangju, Korea. The Gala event brings together all athletes without the judges, and they can use anything they want to, makeup, accessories, jewelry, or other props.


FINA Artistic Swimming Technical Committee Chairperson, Lisa Schott: 

“It is a growing concept, which has a huge audience appreciation all around the world. We hope to see it in the future in the Olympic Games. It is a great way to market and showcase our athletes, our stars. This is the first year that FINA has televised it, I think it is growing in popularity within our sport. It is a lot of fun, just wait and see”

True to the words of Chair Lisa Schott, the Gala event did not disappoint. During the 9 presentations, the atmosphere in the pool changed from competitive to a celebration. All boundaries disappeared and everyone was cheering for every performance and enjoying the artistry in and around the water.

The final medal count for ASWS #6:
Japan 7 Gold
USA 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
Hungary 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Canada 4 Silver
Kazakhstan 1 Silver
Colombia 3 Bronze
Argentina 1 Bronze

The FINA Artistic Series continues next week with the 7th leg in Quebec City, Canada on May 30, 31 & June 1.

The ASWS will continue with event #8 in Barcelona, Spain May 31, June 1 & 2. Budapest will be the host for the Super Final of the ASWS from June 14 - 16.

The best 12 routines among teams that have participated in at least 4 legs of the ASWS in each event will be invited to the Super Final.