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Four international teams, as well as three national clubs from Lyon, Strasbourg and Aix took the plunge on this last competition day in Paris (FRA) on the occasion of the first leg of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2019.

Eligible to the ranking were only the four international teams. Brazil happened to be the most convincing to earn the gold with 83.4333 points over a theme representing the super heroes.

Great Britain then followed with a strong 81.6667, clinching the silver medal at stake, while Israel got the bronze with 81.2333 points. The Israeli girls are aged between 16 and 22 years-old and are coached by Ana Tarres of Spain. They presented a new programme under a song from Daft Punk.

The junior ballet representing Finland and taking part in its first ever competition collected 70.0000 points with their Cirque du Soleil routine.

Amongst the clubs, le Pays d’Aix was the best team with 77.0667. Strasbourg and Lyon respectively achieved 74.9667 and 74.3000.


Looking at the event, there was clearly three favourite duets this afternoon in Paris. Everyone had their eyes on the Italian girls, Rio 2016 Olympian Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro, as well has the Spanish star Ona Carbonell and her partner Sara Saldana and Japanese veterans Yukiko Inui and Megumu Yoshida.

The Italian pair ranked 6th at the latest FINA World Championships in Budapest in 2017 in the duet technical, while Linda also secured the 5th position in the solo free and the 6th place in the solo technical. Both of the girls were part of the team technical and ended up securing the 5th place at the World Championships.

Ona Carbonell won a silver medal in Budapest in the solo technical, while she also claimed the second position in the solo free. However she missed the podium in the duet technical with partner Paula Ramirez (5th) and the same goes for the duet free.

But after a fierce battle in the pool, it was the Ukrainian twin sisters (Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiiva), last year’s Series winners in their category, who took gold (91.6333).

Japan’s great champions followed very close behind with 91.533 points, while Spain was decorated with bronze 89.7667.

Other favourites were obviously the French twin sisters Tremble. Laura and Charlotte achieved 85.7300 points for a 5th position. They jumped to the top of the ranking at the start of the session to the delight of the spectators and remained there for a while until Italy claimed a higher score.

The second French duet, composed of Camille Bravard and Margaux Chabirand, 5th at European Championships 2018, obtained 81.3667.

The duet free was by far the most popular event in this competition as a totaly of 21 pairs took part.


The highly anticipated event, the team free, was the last official event in Paris on Sunday March 3 as six nations presented their programme. The host nations had three teams for this session.

France received the best score today for their routine, a total of 86.2333.

Team Brazil, 6th at Rio 2016 Olympic Games, secured the second spot on the podium with 83.8000 and with a good 81.0000 points Israel added another medal to its successful Paris tally.

The Paris meet, the first one of eight, concluded with the Exhibition Gala.

Result of Day 3 are available here