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PR6 - Four candidates in the final race

The National Federations/Cities of Argentina (city of Mar Del Plata), Austria (city of Vienna), Hong Kong (city of Hong Kong) and Turkey (city of Istanbul) confirmed their formal bid to the organisation of the 11th edition of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in 2012.
These two cities were part of a group of six potential bidders that also included: Australia (city of Sydney) and Brazil (city of Rio de Janeiro) The host of the 11th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2012 will be decided and announced by the FINA Bureau on April 12, 2008 with the occasion of the 9th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Manchester (GBR). After Great Britain and before 2012, the 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) will be held in Dubai (UAE), from April 7-11, 2010.

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PR5 - First race in Santos (BRA) with victories for Larissa Ilchenko (RUS) and Valerio Cleri (ITA)

The first race of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2007 was held on January 26, 2008 along the Boqueiro Beach of Santos (BRA). The 5km and 10km 2007 World Champion, Larissa Ilchenko, imposed her finish in front of the American Kirsten Groome and the famous German duet, Angela Maurer (3rd) and Britta Kamrau Corestein (4th).  For her comeback, the Dutch Edith van Dijk placed only 11th. Twelve swimmers crossed the line in the same minute. In the men’s race, the winner was Italian Valerio Cleri who completed his 2007 season excellently and confirmed his Olympic ambition. The Russian Evgeny Drattsev, third in the 10km World Championships’ event last year, was second ahead of a local swimmer, the Brazilan Allan do Carmo, a revelation. Ten swimmers finished in the same minute.
Medallists in Santos (BRA, 10km)
MEN1. Valerio Cleri (ITA) 1h58m42s10; 2. Evgeny Drattsev (RUS) 1h58m44s11; 3. Allan do Carmo (BRA) 1h58m44s30WOMEN1. Larissa Ilchenko (RUS) 2h04m03s57; 2. Kirsten Groome (USA) 2h04m05s23; 3. Angela Maurer (GER) 2h04m13s26Participants: A record of 84 swimmers (47 men and 37 women) from fifteen countries took the departure (in brackets the number of women): ARG 3 (1), BRA 26 (8), CAN 3 (2),  CHI 1 (1), ESP 3 (2), FRA 3 (1), GER 3 (2), ISR 3 (1), ITA 8 (4), MEX 6 (4), NED 1 (1), POL 1 (1), POR 3 (1),  RUS 11 (4), USA 9 (4). The next race of the 2nd FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup will take place on March 15, 2008 in Dubai (UAE).Before that, the next stage of the other FINA international series of Long Distance Swimming, the 2nd FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix will be held on February 3, 2008 in Santa Fe (ARG) with the 57km “Maraton Acuatica Rio Coronda”.

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PR4 - Great participation for the first race in Santos (BRA)

Eighty-eight swimmers (including 37 women) from 17 countries confirmed their participation in the first race of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2008, which will take place in Santos (BRA) on January 26. The Brazilian delegation will naturally be the most numerous, with a total of 29 athletes. The remaining nations present in Brazil are: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Egypt, France, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and United States.
The race in Santos opens the eight-meet circuit that will touch the four continents until October 4, 2008, which marks the occasion of the last leg of the competition in Cancun (MEX). The 2008 edition of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup assumes a special importance, as for the first time, this event will be included in the Olympic Games, in Beijing (CHN). Thus, higher participation from the swimmers and increasing interest from media, spectators and sponsors will certainly be evident during these next months. Moreover, and also a first, this year’s World Cup is associated with a FINA sponsor - the world’s leading open water swim-skin and wetsuit company blueseventy.
January 26, 2008          Race No 1 in Santos (BRA)March 15, 2008            Race No 2 in Dubai (UAE)June 28, 2008              Race No 3 in Setubal (POR)July 23, 2008               Race No 4 in Lac St. Jean, Roberval (CAN)September 7, 2008      Race No 5 in Hong Kong (HKG)September 13, 2008     Race No 6 in Singapore (SIN)September 21, 2008     Race No 7 in Shantou (CHN)October 4, 2008           Race No 8 in Cancun (MEX)

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PR3 - Chinese sweep victories at the start of the season

The first meet of the 14th FINA Diving Grand Prix 2008, held from January 18-20, 2008 in Madrid (ESP), was marked by Chinese victories in all eight events of the competition. After their domination in 2007, the Chinese champions started their final road towards the 2008 Olympic Games at home in Beijing next August, in the best possible way.In Madrid, the main challengers of the Chinese divers were, amongst men, the Germans, British and Ukrainians, while in the women’s field, representatives from Canada, Ukraine and Great Britain also got medals.
MEN3m springboard: 1. Xinhua Zhang (CHN) 511.30; 2. Pavel Rozenberg (GER) 468.55; 3. Bo Peng (CHN) 465.5010m platform: 1. Jia Hu (CHN) 540.75; 2. Liguang Yang (CHN) 506.55; 3. Thomas Daley (GBR) 495.453m springboard synchro: 1. Yutong Lou/Chen Zhang (CHN) 415.56; 2. Dmytro Lysenko/Anton Zakharov (UKR) 408.21; 3. Ben Swain/Nicholas Robinson-Baker (GBR) 407.0110m platform synchro: 1. Liguang Yang/Hao Zhang (CHN) 460.68; 2. Thomas Daley/Blake Aldridge (GBR) 417.93; 3. Norman Becker/Johanes Donay (GER) 394.32WOMEN3m springboard: 1. Zi He (CHN) 371.40; 2. Blythe Hartley (CAN) 336.30; 3. Jennifer Abel (CAN) 302.3010m platform: 1. Li Kang (CHN) 413.20; 2. Hao Wang (CHN) 406.50; 3. Emilie Heymans (CAN) 321.153m springboard synchro: 1. Ting Li/Qinxi Zhao (CHN) 296.40; 2. Olena Fedorova/Alevtyna Korolyova (UKR) 293.44; 3. Blythe Hartley/Melanie Rinaldi (CAN) 287.7010m platform synchro: 1. Hao Wang/Li Kang (CHN) 352.56; 2. Monique McCarroll/Sarah Barrow (GBR) 314.70; 3. Marie-Eve Marleau/Emilie Heymans (CAN) 306.30

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PR2 - Seven-meet circuit starts in Madrid (ESP)

The 14th FINA Diving Grand Prix 2008 starts on January 18, 2008 in Madrid (ESP) and will be contested over seven meets until its conclusion on June 15 in Rome (ITA). Since its creation in 1995, this circuit has been staged in a group of distinguished diving countries on various continents. As a result, the event promotes awareness about which nations are renowned for the sport, which has been an Olympic discipline for men since 1904 and for women since 1912.

When it comes to hosting this competition, the fidelity of certain countries is worth recognition. Germany, Canada, Russia, Spain, and the United States of America, for example, have hosted Grand Prix meets since the first edition. China and Italy have missed only one year and two years respectively. Mexico too, deserves acknowledgement for having hosted 14 times. Accordingly, there has been a remarkable prevalence of champions from these nations in not only the FINA Diving Grand Prix, but also the FINA Diving World Cup, FINA Diving World Series and the diving competitions of the FINA World Championships and the Olympic Games.
2008 Calendar
•    January 18-20          Madrid (ESP)            •    Feb. 29 – March 2    Shenzhen (CHN)           •    April 10-13              Moscow (RUS)              •    May 1-4                 Montreal (CAN) •    May 8-11                Ft. Lauderdale (USA)    •    June 6-8                Rostock (GER)             •    June 13-15            Rome (ITA)   Since 2002, when synchronised diving was added to the competition, the FINA Diving Grand Prix is comprised of the following events: 3m Springboard (Men and Women); 10m Platform (Men and Women); 3m Springboard Svnchro (Men and Women); 10m Platform Synchro (Men and Women).Winners are determined by the number of points they accumulate throughout the competition, which are awarded according to their place and rank.

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PR1 - New partnership FINA-blueseventy

Blueseventy, the world’s leading open water swim-skin and wetsuit company, will become the official partner of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup Series 2008.
FINA President Mustapha Larfaoui says the partnership with blueseventy is an exciting development for marathon swimming: “FINA has successfully expanded the Olympic competition programme with the introduction of 10km Marathon Swimming events for both men and women, starting at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The partnership with blueseventy will allow FINA to assist event organisers and raise the level of all events in the nine race series. All in all it’s a great boost for the profile of marathon swimming in this FINA’s Centenary Year.” blueseventy’s revolutionary new swim skin, the pointzero3 nero, will be the official swim skin of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup. blueseventy have been involved in open water swimming for the last 20 years as the leading triathlon wetsuit design company, but the new technology of their pointzero3 nero swim skin means their swim skins can be used in all FINA events, and certainly introduces some excitement to FINA marathon swimming events. Geoff Matthews, Head of blueseventy swimming, says the goal of the partnership is to foster the growth of open water marathon swimming worldwide. “FINA should be congratulated on how it reinvests all revenues back into the series to aid their development. We love the fact that the series will also be developed to have age group events on the same day to go along side the elite 10km race. We believe that these events will grow in popularity both in terms of attracting elite swimmers from the pool, as well as larger age group fields, particularly masters swimmers,” Geoff Matthews says. The FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup Series consists of nine events held in all five continents, and offers a series total of US$260,000 cash prize money for elite swimmers, as well as age group finisher’s medals and prizes.


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