The concept of the FINA Open Water Mass Swimming World Series is to run a Mass Participation Swim Series alongside the existing FINA/Hosa 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup (10km MSWC) events.

The mass participation of non-elite open water swimmers in an associated organised event will assist in:

- Increasing revenue for event organisers
- Raising the profile of the elite race
- Providing an opportunity for additional sponsors
- Increasing participation in open water swimming events

The main principles of the FINA Open Water Mass Swimming World Series are:

- Participants will swim one lap of the elite course (generally a 2.5km swim or 1.6km swim)
- All events will operate under the FINA Mass Participation Swim Series Operating Manual
(EOM) guidelines for organisation, safety, and branding.
- There is a global standardised approach to customer experience at the event as a result of the FINA guidelines.

According to the Rules and Regulations of the FINA/Hosa 10km MSWC:

1.8 The HMF/OC of each Event shall organise one or more open races, with entry open to any participants. All open races shall be held prior to the FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup Race. Such open races shall serve to encourage and increase grassroots participation in Open Water Swimming.