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Rules and Regulation


SW 1.1 The Management Committee appointed by the governing body shall have jurisdiction over all matters not assigned by the rules to the referee, judges or other officials and shall have power to postpone events and give directions consistent with rules adopted for conducting any event.

SW 1.2 At the Olympic Games and World Championships the FINA Bureau shall appoint the following minimum number of officials for the control of the competitions:

  •   referee (2)

  •   control-room supervisor(1)

  •   judges of stroke (4)

  •   starters (2)

  •   chief inspectors of turns (2, 1 at each end of the pool)

  •   inspectors of turns (1 at each end of each lane)

  •   chief recorder (1)

  •   clerks of course (2)

  •   announcer (1)

    SW 1.2.1 For all other international competitions, the governing body shall appoint the same or fewer number of officials, subject to the approval of the respective regional or international authority where appropriate.

    SW 1.2.2 Where Automatic Officiating Equipment is not available, such equipment must be replaced by chief timekeeper, three (3) timekeepers per lane and two (2) additional timekeepers.

    SW1.2.3 A chief finish judge and finish judges may be used when Automatic Equipment and/or three (3) digital watches per lane are not used.

SW 1.3 The swimming pool and the technical equipment for Olympic Games and World Championships shall be inspected and approved in due course prior to the Swimming competitions by the FINA Delegate together with a member of the Technical Swimming Committee.
SW 1.4 Where underwater video equipment is used by television, the equipment must be operated by remote control and shall not obstruct the vision or path of swimmers and must not change the configuration of the pool or obscure the required FINA markings.