Scroll for more World CupKatinka Hosszu – Overall Winner – FINA/airweave Swimming World CupVladimir Morozov – Overall Winner – FINA/airweave Swimming World CupWorrell outpoints Hosszu - 100m Butterfly #9 Hong KongMorozov just 0.03 outside World Record - 100m Individual Medley #9 Hong KongSeto claimed 200m Individual Medley #9 Hong Kong4x50 Mixed Medley goes to Russia #9 Hong KongKoch vs Lima - 100m Breaststroke #9 Hong KongRussia alss claims 4x50m Freestyle #9 Hong KongHosszu on a World Cup High - 200m Butterfly #9 Hong Kong10x Gold for Hosszu - 100m Individual Medley #9 Hong KongChad Le Clos - 200m Butterfly #9 Hong KongOttesen clear winner of 50m Butterfly #9 Hong KongImpressive victory for Germany's Koch - 200m Breaststroke #9 Hong KongBrillirant series for Hosszu - 400m Individual Medley #9 Hong KongLe Clos undefeated – 50m Butterfly #9 Hong KongUndefeated in 100m Buttferfly: Chad Le Clos #9 Hong KongShinri Shioura - 100m Freestyle #9 Hong KongTight finish for Donetc - 100m Backstroke #9 Hong KongAtkinson again successful at 50m Breststroke #9 Hong KongEfimova too strong for her opponents - 200m Breaststroke #9 Hong KongSankovich goes for gold - 50m Backstroke2 hundredths lead for Timmers - 200m Freestyle #9 Hong KongRomanchuk collecting 963 points - 1500m Freestyle #9 Hong KongLarkin clear winner of 200m Backstroke #9 Hong KongMorozov continues with victory - 50m Freestyle #9 Hong Kong800m Freestyle win for Hosszu #9 Hong KongHosszu keeps collecting gold - 200m Freestyle #9 Hong KongGolden night for Hosszu - 400m Freestyle #9 Hong KongHigh quality at 50m Backstroke #9 Hong KongOttesen touches before Hosszu - 100m Freestyle #9 Hong KongSeto triumphs in 200m Individual Medley #8 TokyoOttesen first, Junior Record for Ikee - 50m Butterfly #8 TokyoFingertip finish for Kaneko - 200m Backstroke #8 TokyoHosszu one second ahead of Seebhom - 100m Backstroke #8 TokyoLe Clos keeps pursuit on Morozov - 100m Butterfly #8 TokyoMorozov vs Lima - 100m Breaststroke #8 TokyoWorld Record! Alia Atkinson - 50m Breaststroke #8 Tokyo200m Butterfly - Katinka Hosszu #8 Tokyo2nd individual gold for Chalmers - 200m Freestyle #8 TokyoMorozov smashes the 50m Freestyle field #8 TokyoHosszu wins & 2nd Junior Record für Ikee - 100m Individual Medley #8 TokyoLe Clos blitzes home in 22.30 – 50m Butterfly #8 TokyoHosszu back on the Podium – 50m Backstroke #8 Tokyo200m Backstroke - Hosszu #8 TokyoHosszu bags 4 x Gold on Day 1 - 200m Freestyle #8 TokyoThe Iron Lady gets stronger and stronger - 200m Individual Medley #8 TokyoWorrell defeats Hosszu – 100m Butterfly #8 TokyoJunior World Record for Kyle Chalmers - 100m Freestyle #8 TokyoLarkin continues comeback from Rio - 100m Backstroke #8 TokyoMorozov ripping through the 100m Individual Medley #8 TokyoSeto beats le Clos - 200m Butterfly #8 TokyoClear win for Seto - 400m Individual Medley #8 Tokyo4x gold for Australia – 4x50m Freestyle #7 SingaporeMorozov maintains his lead – 100m Individual Medley #7 SingaporeSeto with great enery – 200m Butterfly #7 SingaporeHosszu stays true to form - 200m Individual MedleyKatinka Hosszu - The Hungarian powerhouse – 200m Butterfly #7 SingaporeDaiya Seto dominates IM – 200m Individual Medley #7 SingaporeGold No. 200. for Hosszu - 100m Butterfly #7 SingaporeChad Le Clos also wins 100m Butterfly #7 SingaporeHosszu makes SWC her own - 100m Backstroke #7 SingaporeOttesen loves the Butterfly - 50m Butterfly #7 SingaporeThe best in Butterfly: Chad Le Clos - 200m Butterfly #7 SingaporeKoch finishes ahead of Japan - 200m Breaststroke #7 SingaporeLima again strong at 50m Breaststroke #7 SingaporeHosszu leaves all behind – 200m Backstroke #7 SingaporeMorozow bags gold - 100m Breaststroke #7 SingaporeLarkin leaves Hurley behind – 100m Backstroke #7 SingaporeChalmers claims gold - 200m Freestyle #7 SingaporeHosszu leaves her mark in competition - 400m Freestyle #7 SingaporeHosszu extends her lead – 200m Freestyle #7 SingaporeThe Leader in Freestyle - Jeanette Ottesen - 50m Freestyle #7 SingaporeSeebhom beats Hosszu by 0.03 - 50m Backstroke #7 SingaporeAtkinson misses World Record by 0.04sec - 100m Breaststroke #7 SingaporeNew World Record! - Mykhailo Romanchuk – 1.500m Freestyle #7 SingaporeKatinka Hosszu - Winner of Cluster #2 - FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016Katinka Hosszu - 400m Individual Medley #6 Doha50m Butterfly: Chad Le Clos - #6 DohaGold for Sankovich - 50m Backstroke #6 Dohaa4 x Gold in 52 minutes - Hosszu - 100m Backstroke #6 DohaBrown returns to the podium - 400m Freestyle #6 Doha2nd title for Hurley after Paris - 100m Backstroke #6 Doha5x50m Freestyle - Gold for Team Russia! #6 DohaEasy cruise for Hurley – 200m Backstroke #6 DohaRussia also wins 5x50m Medley #6 DohaThe Russian Rocket: Vladimir Morozov - 50m Freestyle #6 Doha50m hat-trick for Felipe Lima - 50m Breaststroke #6 DohaMorozov up to the task - 100m Breaststroke #6 DohaSeto with outstanding versatility – 400m IM #6 DohaSeto beats Le Clos by 0.09sec - 200m Butterfly #6 DohaKaneto’s 5th won in 200m Breaststroke this season #6 DohaKoch 3.78sec in advance - 200m Breast #6 DohaAtkinson 0.18sec shy of WR – 50m Breaststroke #6 DohaZevina beats Hosszu – 200m Backstroke #6 DohaGergely Gyurta wins 1500m Freestyle #6 DohaTie for Hosszu and Groves – 200m Butterfly #6 Doha4 x Gold in 52 minutes – Hosszu – 400m Freestlye #6 Doha30 x IM win in a row for Hosszu! – 200m IM #6 DohaLe Clos speeds up – 100m Butterfly #6 DohaOttensen collects 4 x Gold – 50m Butterfly #6 DohaAgain gold in 50m Freestyle for Ottesen #6 DohaMorozov vs Le Clos – 100m Freestyle #6 DohaAnother gold for Morozov’s medal collection – 100m IM #6 DohaGold No. 20 for Atkinson - 50m Breaststroke #5 DubaiOttesen dominates 50m Butterfly #5 DubaiOttesen's Favourite: 100m Freestyle #5 DubaiHosszu keeps her top level! - 100m Backstroke #5 Dubai400m Freestyle - Katinka Hosszu #5 Dubai1st gold in Dubai for Rie Kaneto - 200m Breaststroke #5 Dubai3rd gold for South Africa by Myles Brown - 200m Freestyle #5 DubaiHurley wins with 2 hundredths - 50m Backstroke #5 DubaiMost successful male swimmer: Chad Le Clos - 100m Butterfly #5 DubaiMorozov defeats Lima in 56.52 sec. - 100m Breaststroke #5 DubaiSeto vs Heintz - 200m Individual Medley #5 DubaiChad Le Clos - 50m Butterfly #5 DubaiThe best of Butterfly: Chad le Clos - 200m #5 DubaiStill impressive: Hosszu wins 50m back #5 DubaiUnbeaten since 2013: Katinka Hosszu 200m IM #5 DubaiMeili repeats her Berlin triumph - 100m Breaststroke #5 DubaiGold for Russia - 4x50m Medley #5 DubaiVictory no. 12 for Morozov - 100m Free #5 DubaiOttesen continues winning steak - 50m Freestyle #5 DubaiFelipe Lima - Winner of 50m Breaststroke #5 Dubai50m Butterfly: Chad le Clos with 22.14sec. #4 BeijingUnstoppable Chad le Clos - 100m Butterfly #4 BejingOttesen beats Hosszu again at 100m Freestyle #4 Beijing50m Backstroke - Hosszu hunts for gold #4 BeijingWin no.177: Katinka Hosszu - 100m Backstroke #4 Beijing10 wins in a row! - Katinka Hosszu 100m Individual Medley #4 BeijingNo one can stop the Iron Lady! 200m Freestyle #4 BeijingDong & Hosszu almost touching side by side - 400m Freestyle #4 BeijingAlia Atkinson wins 50m Breaststroke #4 Beijing10 in a row for Morozov! - 50m Freestyle #4 BeijingMorozov also dominates 100m Freestyle #4 BeijingRie Kaneto 3,55sec in advance - 200m Breaststroke #4 BeijingDaiya Seto is King! - 400m Individual Medley #4 BeijingClose finish between Wang & Heintz - 200m Individual Medley #4 BeijingHighlights - FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016 #3 MoscowHighlights - FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016 #2 BerlinHighlights - FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016 #1 ParisVladimir Morozov - Best of European Cluster - FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016Katinka Hosszu - Best of European Cluster - FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016First individual gold for Efimova in women's 100m breast #3MoscowEfimova gain small revenge by beating Kaneto on the 200m breaststroke! #3 MoscowClear win for Ottesen in women's 50m freestyle #3 MoscowOttesen also wins in 100m freestyle #3 MoscowWomen's 100m fly - Ottesen takes first place before Hosszu #3 MoscowOttesen wins in women's 50m butterfly #3 MoscowWomen's 400m IM - Hosszu aimed gold again! #3 MoscowKatinka Hosszu goes for gold in 100m individual medley #3 MoscowGold for Hosszu in 400m freestyle #3 MoscowHosszu can win the women's 800m freestyle #3 MoscowRussia ft. Morozov and Efimova wins in 4x50m individual medley #3 MoscowMorozov and Le Clos - Head to Head in 50m freestyle #3 MoscowHosszu is the best in women's 200m individual medley #3 MoscowHosszu triumphed in women's 200m freestyle #3 MoscowMorozov also dominated on 100m free #3 MoscowMorozov can't stop winning! - Gold in 100m individual medley #3 MoscowLe Clos almost flies to a new world record in men's 200m butterfly #3 MoscowTeam Russia made the first place in 40x50m mixed free relay #2 BerlinHosszu shines again! Gold in women's 400m freestyle #2 BerlinClear success for Larkin in 200m backstroke #2 BerlinKaneto shows who is the best in women's 200m breaststroke #2 BerlinHighlights - FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016 #2 BerlinChad Le Clos also secures win in 100m butterfly #2 BerlinSankovich made it to the top of the podium in 50m backstroke #2 BerlinOttesen gets gold in women's 50m butterfly without any doubt #2 BerlinWhat a finish! 0.08 seconds between Atkinson and Efimova in 50m breast #2 BerlinJubilee! 50th World Cup victory for van der Burgh in men´s 100m breastJames Guy got his second tournament gold in men´s 200m freestyleJames Guy takes gold without any doubt in 400m freestylePhoto finish (0.08 sec) between Hentke and Jakabos in 800m freestyle!What a finish! Meili secures the win in 100m breastOttesen claims gold in the fastest race - 50m freestyle - in BerlinDonetc leaves two Australian behind in men´s 100m backChad Le Clos dominates in men's 200m butterflyHosszu wins again in 200m individual medleyHosszu also wins in Berlin in the women's 200m backstrokeKatinka Hosszu repeated gold in the 200m freestyleMorozov bettered again 100m IM World Record in BerlinFrance is fastest nation in mixed 4x50m individual medleyFrance wins in mixed 4x50m freestlye, Russia second placeHeintz is the fastest man in 400m individual medleyHeintz missed out the world cup record by 0.13 seconds in 200m iMHeintz claims gold in men's 200m freestyleOttesen missed out on a new world record by 0.48 seconds in 50m freestyleStrong Ottesen beats Hosszu in 100m freestlyeJeanette Ottesen claims gold in women's 50m butterflyLe Clos flies to gold in men's 200m fly against HeintzLe Clos takes gold in men's 100m butterflyVan der Burgh beats Prigoda again with 0.29 seconds in 100m breaststrokeBattle for gold between Van der Burgh and Prigoda in 50m breaststrokeVan der Burgh got his third tournament gold in 200m breastTaking the lead in the second lap, Le Clos wins in 50m butterflyHosszu is the best woman in 400m individual medleyHosszu claims gold in 400m freestyle18th victory in 200m free for Katinka Hosszu!Hosszu takes gold in 200m Individual MedleyAtkinson beats Efimova with 0.09 seconds! - 50m BreaststrokeHead to head finish between Hosszu and Atkinson in 100m Individual MedleyPhoto finish for the second place in 100m Backstroke - Hosszu wins!Hosszu flies for gold in 100m ButterflyMorozov wins Gold Medal in 100m FreestyleMorozov and Govorov battle for Gold in 50m FreestyleSensational performance of Morozov in 100m Individual Medley - New World Record!Alia Atkinson tied World Record in 100m Breaststroke