FINA constitution - Valid from 22.07.2017


Code of Ethics

FINA Code of Ethics - Valid from 22.07.2017

FINA Rules on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions


General Rules

FINA General Rules - Valid from 22.09.2017


By Laws

FINA by laws

FINA Code of Conduct

FINA Rules of Conduct applicable to Bidders


Swimming Rules

FINA Swimming Rules - Valid from 21.09.2017


Interpretation Swimming Rules

Explanatory Memo for 2017 Swimming Rule Changes

Swimming Official Forms (Link)


World Record Form - Valid from 21.09.2017


Open Water Swimming Rules

FINA Open Water Swimming Rules - Valid from 13.09.2017


Diving Rules
FINA Diving Rules - Valid from 12.09.2017

Diving Official Forms (Link


FINA Diving Figures B/W

FINA Diving Figures Colour


High Diving Rules

FINA High Diving Rules - Valid from 12.09.2017


Artistic Swimming Rules

FINA Artistic Swimming Rules - Valid from 12.09.2017 (Revised)


Water Polo Rules

FINA Water Polo Rules - Valid from 13.09.2017

FINA Water Polo Test Rules

FINA Water Polo Test Rules 2018

FINA Beach Water Polo Rules


Masters Rules

FINA Masters Rules - Valid from 21.09.2017


Masters World Record Form - Valid from 21.09.2017


Facilities Rules *

Facilities - valid from 22.09.2017

FINA Swimming Pool Certification - February 2017 Version

FINA Swimming Pool Certification (OG and WC) - February 2017 Version

FINA Diving Pool Certification - January 2017 Version

 * High Diving Facilities Rules are included in "FINA By Laws" (See section above)


Medical Rules

FINA Medical Rules - in force


Doping Control Rules

FINA Doping Control Rules - in force

Athletes Information Notice - in force