1. The 21st FINA DIVING GRAND PRIX (“DGP”) shall be open to all FINA affiliated Federations.

2. The maximum number of divers who can participate in an individual DGP event is four (4) from the Host Federation and two (2) from each visiting Federation. The Host Federation may enter four (4) divers in the prelims of an individual event but only two (2) can advance to the semi-finals. The Host Federation may enter two (2) teams in the direct final of a synchro event but only the best team may go to the podium for the medals. No additional divers or teams are allowed to start in a DGP meet, which means that participation in the form of exhibition is not allowed.

3. The FINA DIVING GRAND PRIX comprises the following events:

3 metres Springboard -Men and Women
10 metres Platform - Men and Women
3 metres Springboard Synchro - Men and Women
10 metres Platform Synchro - Men and Women
All events shall be conducted in accordance with the FINA Rules.

4. The format for the individual events in the FINA DIVING GRAND PRIX is the tournament system based only on dives with unlimited degree of difficulty (men six (6) dives, women five (5) dives).

The tournament consists of a preliminary competition, two (2) semi-finals with six (6) divers in each and a final with six (6) divers. Semi-final “A” comprises the divers ranked 12-10-8-6-4-2 and Semi-final “B” comprises the divers ranked 11- 9-7-5-3-1 in the preliminary competition, however not more than two (2) dives from the Organising Federation may be counted among these twelve (12) divers. In the finals, the three (3) best divers from both semi-finals meet. In the semi- finals and finals, the divers start in the reverse order of their placing in the preliminary competition.

The synchronised events are held as direct finals and are run in accordance with FINA Rule D 3.7. If the Organising Federation enters two (2) teams only the best team counts and may go to the podium for the medals.

5. The Organising Federation shall publish the terms of the meeting by advising the FINA Office in Lausanne (SUI) at least two (2) months prior to the commencement of the competition.

6. The FINA DIVING GRAND PRIX 2015 shall be held during the period January/ October 2015, and comprise a maximum of nine (9) meets

7. The organiser of each meeting shall be approved by FINA and a contract shall be established between FINA and the Federation organising the meet.

8. The Federation has to pay FINA a bid fee (not refundable) of USD 500.-

If the Federation withdraws from organising the Diving Grand Prix meeting after applying and accepting the conditions to host it, the Federation should pay to FINA the fee of USD 10’000.-.

9. Each Organiser may provide prize money and/or other prizes at their FINA DGP meet. The prizes will be left to the discretion of the organiser.

10. There will be no overall prize money awarded.

11. The Host has to provide an electronic XML file to the FINA Delegate immediately following each event. This file should contain the detailed results including judge’s scores for each dive. Directions on creating this file can be found on the following website:



Date Place Country
February 20-22 Rostock GER
April 2-5 Leon MEX
April 9-12 Gatineau CAN
April 16-19 San Juan PUR
June 26-28 Madrid ESP
July 3-5 Bolzano ITA
October 16-18 Singapore SIN
October 23-25 Kuala Lumpur MAS
Oct. 29 - Nov. 1 Gold Coast AUS


Entries of divers in the FINA DIVING GRAND PRIX shall be accepted only from the Federations, Members of FINA.


At the FINA DIVING GRAND PRIX meetings each judge in the judging panel of individual events shall be from different countries, if available. In addition, FINA Certified Judges should be used for all events, however, if there are not enough Certified Judges to fill the requirements, other judges may be used. If judges from seven different nations are not available, the judging panel for that event should be reduced to five judges. In the semi- finals and finals, the panel of judges shall consist of judges whose nationality is different to that of any of the participating divers, if available.

In synchronised diving there shall be nine or eleven judges from different countries, if available. If not possible, there can be two judges from the same country, provided one is judging the execution and the other the synchronisation. Otherwise seven judges can be used.

A Federation taking part in a FINA DGP meet with a team of four (4) divers or more should bring a judge; the judge might, however, also serve as a coach provided that does not concern the event where he/she is judging. A Federation that does not bring a judge will be fined 250 Swiss Francs payable to the Organizing Committee.


FINA shall appoint a FINA Delegate to each FINA DIVING GRAND PRIX Meet.

The FINA Delegate shall present a short written report, covering the administration and conduct of the Meeting, to the FINA Office in Lausanne (SUI) for distribution. The FINA Delegate shall also check that the complete results (including preliminaries) are sent by fax or e-mail to the FINA Office in Lausanne (SUI) immediately, i.e. on the day of each event.

The FINA Delegate shall conduct judging evaluations and shall present a written report and summary of evaluations to the FINA TDC Commission and the TDC judges subcommittee coordinator responsible for the compilation of judging evaluations. For the FINA Delegate, the travel expenses will be covered by FINA. Accommodation, meals and local transportation will be covered by the OC.

The FINA delegate will conduct a safety rehearsal with the facility emergency staff to ensure that the necessary protocol will be followed in the event of an unfortunate injury/accident occurrence.


FINA Logo and Brand Guidelines

All information concerning the FINA Logo and the event logo (and its placement within various materials) can be found inside the new FINA Brand Guidelines. Link available shortly.

All materials featuring FINA marks have to be sent to FINA Marketing ( for approval.


Send at least 10 action photos per event. They should be sent to FINA Press + FINA Social Media the day after the event by 12pm local time.
- Photos must be sent in high definition, with the highest quality possible for use both on print and web material. Files can be transmitted by, Dropbox or any similar site.
- Photographer(s) credit (either names or HF/LOC) must be communicated along with the pictures when transmitted to FINA. - No watermark.
- All photos transmitted to FINA may be used for editorial purposes on the FINA website
& for FINA publications, except otherwise previously agreed with the FINA Communication Department/FINA Marketing Department.


In order to provide information fastest possible on the FINA Website, following each session the results (preliminary results, semi-final results and final results) have to be sent immediately to and