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Rules and Regulation


D 5.1 Control of Competition
   D 5.1.1 Every competition shall be controlled by a Referee, supported by
Assistant Referees, together with Judges and a Secretariat.

   D 5.1.2 The number of the dive to be performed and the manner of execution
shall be displayed on an indicator board visible to both divers and judges.

   D 5.1.3 A computer programme with adequate capability to produce a judging
analysis shall be used.

   D 5.1.4 When electronic scoring equipment is not available the judges must have
flash cards to display their awards. These flash cards must be capable of showing
awards from 0 to 10 by half points.

D 5.2 Composition of the Judges Panels

   D 5.2.1 Whenever possible at the Olympic Games, World Championships and
World Cups, seven (7) judges shall be used for individual and team events and
eleven (11) judges for synchronised diving events. For synchronised diving, where
eleven (11) judges are used, five (5) shall judge synchronisation of the dive, three
(3) shall judge the execution of one diver and three (3) the execution of the other

   D 5.2.2 In all individual and team competitions other than the Olympic Games,
World Championships and World Cups, five (5) judges may be used. In all
synchronised diving competitions, other than Olympic Games, World
Championships and World Cups, nine (9) judges may be used. Five (5) shall judge
the synchronisation of the dive, two (2) shall judge the execution of one diver and
two (2) the execution of the other diver.

D 5.2.3 Provided sufficient judges are available, the panel of judges for the final competition shall consist of judges whose nationality is different to that of any of the divers in such competition.

D 5.2.4 When considered suitable, double panels of judges may be used in the
same event. If double panels are used, the second panel is introduced in the fourth
round of the competition. Note: In exceptional circumstances, such as high heat
and humidity, the panels may be changed after the end of each round.

D 5.2.5 The Referee shall place the judges on each side of the spring-board or
platform in use, as outlined in the Facilities Rule FR 5. When this is not practical,
the judges may be placed together on one side.

D 5.2.6 Once placed, a judge shall not change position unless at the discretion of
the Referee, and then only in exceptional circumstances.

D 5.2.7 When a judge is unable to continue to function after a competition has
started, he shall be replaced by the reserve judge.

D 5.2.8 After each dive, on a signal given by the Referee, each judge shall
immediately and simultaneously, without communicating with one another, and in a
distinct manner, indicate the award for the dive. When an electronic judging device
is used, the judges shall enter their awards into their electronic score pads
immediately after the performance of the dive.

D 5.2.9 The judges’ awards shall be displayed on the electronic scoreboard,
preferably unseen by the judges. The awards (without any other information about
the standing of the competition) must be seen by the judges on their electronic
score pads.