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Rules and Regulation


BL 2.1 Where a vote by mail is required or decided to be taken, the Honorary Secretary shall mail by registered air mail, to each member of the Bureau a clear statement to the question to be voted upon with a request that each member shall send his vote thereon to the Honorary Secretary of FINA and the request shall state on what date the voting shall be closed. This date shall not be less than one calendar month after the question has been mailed. 

BL 2.2 The Honorary Secretary may at any time, when sufficient votes have been received to either carry or reject the question, announce the result of the same and the result so announced shall be decisive. The ballots cast by each member shall be kept in the files. 

BL 2.3 Within five days of closing the mail vote the Honorary Secretary shall mail to each Bureau member a copy of the question and a result of the vote. 

NOTE: These procedures for the taking of a mail vote shall apply not only to the FINA Bureau but also to all of the FINA Technical Committees, except that the procedure will be carried out by the Secretary of the respective Technical Committee rather than by the Honorary Secretary of FINA.