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Rules and Regulation

BL 13.7 Screening of Spectators at Championships/Competitions

Spectators shall be screened initially by control personnel at the outer perimeter fence, if there is one, or at the outer cordon established at venues which do not have an outer perimeter fence, to ensure that only ticket-holders approach the turnstiles, and to make the first checks to prevent the introduction of dangerous objects, alcohol, fireworks etc. into the venue(s).
Final screening and search procedures shall be carried out by the control personnel outside the turnstiles entrances to ensure that:

a) Spectators enter the correct part of the venue

b) Spectators do not bring any objects into the venue that are likely to be used in acts of violence, nor alcohol or fireworks of any kind.

c) Access is forbidden to known or potential troublemakers, or persons who are under influence of alcohol or drugs.

d) Special alert must be given to possible acts of terrorism.
Screening and search processes shall be carried out sensibly and effectively to ensure that the spectators are not searched more than once and that the searchers themselves do not become the cause of undue delay or create unnecessary tension.