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Rules and Regulation

BL 13.4 Security Meetings

BL 13.4.1 The Organiser shall provide office(s) for the Security Officer, in which Security Meetings will be held whenever needed. Persons attending regular Security Meetings shall be those responsible for order, safety, security, medical care and fire service. On special call also other persons such as the FINA Delegate(s), Federation or Club officials, venue authorities and the local police shall attend Security Meetings.

BL 13.4.2 In the event of serious emergency situation all persons identified in BL 13.4.1 on a special signal broadcast over the public address system must immediately attend an Emergency Meeting.

BL 13.4.3 Presentation of the Security Officer and persons in charge of order, safety and security, medical care and fire service shall be done at the Technical Meeting(s) before the opening of the championships/competition. At the same time information about order, safety, security, medical care and fire service at the venue(s) shall be given by the Security Officer.