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FranceFrance, FRA


Further Personal Information

Date of birth
14 July 1988
190 cm

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He began swimming with one of his three brothers at age seven. He briefly contemplated playing football before joining Club Nautique Albatros de Friville in France. He became serious about swimming after he finished high school.

General Interest

Jeje (Facebook profile, 04 Dec 2017)
Cinema, playing video games. (Facebook page, 10 Dec 2018)
In the late part of 2016 he suffered a scaphoid fracture to his left arm while skiing. The injury affected his preparations for the 2017 season. (, 28 May 2017;, 17 Jan 2017)

He injured his back in May 2014. (, 23 Aug 2014)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I don't ask a lot of questions. When I want something, I simply do everything to achieve it." (, 02 Aug 2009)
Awards and honours
He was named a Knight of the Legion of Honour of France in 2013. (Facebook page, 26 May 2018)
Other sports
He has also competed in water polo for Amiens Metropole Natation. (, 27 May 2017)
He became the first French male swimmer to win four career gold medals at the world championships when he was part of the victorious French 4x100m freestyle relay team at the 2015 edition in Kazan, Russian Federation. (SportsDeskOnline, 14 Aug 2017)
Famous relatives
His brother Frederic was a swimmer who took part in national competitions. Later, he focused on water polo, competing at regional level. (, 29 May 2018)
Other information
In 2018 he decided to part ways with coach Michel Chretien and moved from Amiens to Nice, France, to train under the guidance of coach Fabrice Pellerin. "I am excited to live this new experience and I am so motivated. I'm sure it's the ideal environment to lead my project which is to compete [at the 2020 Olympic Games] in Tokyo. It was the time for a change." He was encouraged by fellow French swimmer Charlotte Bonnet to join her in Nice. "She has encouraged me to come [to Nice] and I am very thankful. I would have regretted if I hadn't come. This is going to give me something, a new experience. And besides, the sun and the sea as well as the club structure have also convinced me. I feel good here." (, 27 Aug 2018;, 01 Oct 2018)

He says he is benefitting from weekly taekwondo training sessions that be started after relocating to Nice, France, in September 2018. "We are not used to doing a terrestrial sport so it puts us in a situation of discomfort, but it is very pleasant, and then there are some things in common with swimming, the mind works a lot." (, 15 Apr 2019)

In June 2019 he attended the inauguration of a 50m pool named in his honour at his former club in Amiens, France. (, 28 Jun 2019)

He has tied for a medal twice at the world championships. In 2011 he tied France's Camille Lacourt for gold in the 100m backstroke. Then, in 2013, he tied US swimmer Matt Grevers for silver in the 50m backstroke. (SportsDeskOnline, 04 Aug 2013)