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United States of AmericaUnited States of America, USA


Further Personal Information

Date of birth
16 April 1992
183 cm
Partner Tomas Abrate
Athlete, Coach, Teacher
Higher education
Psychology - Texas A&M University: College Station, TX, USA

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She took up the sport at age four, and began swimming competitively at age 17. She also took part in gymnastics, volleyball, softball and athletics track events throughout high school.
Why this sport?
She did not enjoy swimming as a child, but her parents convinced her to try competing for the high school team. "I wanted to compete in sport in college and swimming was my best bet."
Club / Team
Phoenix Swim Club: United States
Name of coach
Garrett McCaffrey [club]; Joey Morgan [club]

General Interest

Cooking, baking. (, 03 Jul 2016)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning a gold medal in the 4x100m medley relay at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (, 18 Oct 2016)
Most influential person in career
Coaches Steve Bultman and Brad Hering. (, 18 Jul 2016;, 25 Jul 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Love what you do. Find the thing you're passionate about and stick with it." (, 18 Oct 2016)
Awards and honours
In 2013 while competing for Texas A&M University she was named the Southeastern Conference [SEC] Swimmer of the Year (, 01 Mar 2013)
Famous relatives
Her partner, Tomas Abrate, has represented Argentina internationally in ice hockey, and played Division II NCAA hockey for the University of Notre Dame in the United States of America. Her relatives Brad Larson and Becky Larson have represented Brigham Young University [BYU] in swimming. (, 05 Apr 2018;, 17 Jul 2016;, 2013)
To compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (, 12 Apr 2018; LinkedIn profile, 01 Mar 2018)
Other information
In 2018 she competed at the national championships in Argentina after a coach from the Universitario team asked her to compete at the event. "My boyfriend is Argentine and I never had the chance to travel to the country. When the opportunity came to be able to get to know Buenos Aires and be able to compete at the same time, it seemed like a very good opportunity." (, 05 Apr 2018;, 26 Apr 2018)

She teaches an online sports management course at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, United States of America, and has an internship at a retirement facility in Tempe, Arizona. She also works as a mentor to young athletes through the RISE Mentoring programme, and conducts swim clinics. "Internships right now are the way just because swimming is so demanding with my time. I want to see what else is out there other than swimming." (, 12 Apr 2018; LinkedIn profile, 01 Mar 2018)

In addition to her bachelor degree in psychology, she also has a master's in sports management from Texas A&M University. (LinkedIn profile, 01 Mar 2018)

In 2011 tumours were discovered in her throat and she thought she had cancer. However, the tumours were found to be benign and she was able to begin a recovery process supported by her then coach Brad Hering, who himself has recovered from prostate cancer. In January 2015 she had surgery to remove a nodule on her thyroid, which left her with a significant scar. "I'm able to breathe a lot better in and out of the water. My quality of life has gone up a lot so I'm really thankful I was able to get it out. My hormone levels are fine because the other half [of the thyroid gland] is still there so I don't need to be on any medication." (, 16 Apr 2015, 04 Jul 2012)