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Russian FederationRussian Federation, RUS
Artistic Swimming


Further Personal Information

Date of birth
22 June 1995
175 cm
Moscow, RUS
English, Russian
Higher education
Coaching - Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism: Moscow, RUS

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He took up the sport at age seven in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
Why this sport?
"When I was seven, my mother enrolled me in a synchronised swimming group at a local sports school. At the time, they accepted everyone, boys and girls. My mother thought that this artistic sport would be good for my all-round development and she was absolutely right."
Club / Team
MGFSO: Moscow, RUS
Name of coach
Tatiana Pokrovskaya [national], RUS; Gana Maksimova [personal], RUS; Maria Maksimova [personal], RUS; Tatiana Apanasenko [personal], RUS
Training Regime
He trains six days per week, over eight hours daily.

International Debut

Competing for

General Interest

Sasha (, 14 Jun 2018)
Going to the theatre and the cinema, science. (, 14 Jun 2018; Athlete, 15 Nov 2017)
Memorable sporting achievement
Competing at his first world championships, in 2015 in Kazan, Russian Federation. (Athlete, 15 Nov 2017)
Most influential person in career
His parents. (Athlete, 15 Nov 2017)
Hero / Idol
French artistic swimmer Virginie Dedieu, Spanish artistic swimmer Gemma Mengual. (, 13 Jan 2020; Athlete, 15 Nov 2017)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"If you love your occupation, then perform it as well as possible." (, 20 Dec 2019)

Awards and honours
He received the 2019 European Aquatics League [LEN] Award as the Best Male Artistic Swimmer. (, 09 Jan 2020)

He shared the 2015 FINA Best Male Synchronised Swimmer award with Bill May of the United States of America. He won the same award in 2017, this time sharing it with Giorgio Minisini of Italy. (, 02 Dec 2017; 31 Jan 2016)

In 2015 he received the title of Honoured Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. (, 30 Dec 2015)
When mixed-gender artistic swimming made its debut at the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Russian Federation, he became the first male Russian athlete to compete in the sport at world championship level. He also won the first gold medal in mixed duet free routine with partner Darina Valitova at the championships. (SportsDeskOnline, 01 Jun 2018;, 08 Aug 2017;, 19 Feb 2015)
To compete in mixed duet at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (, 24 Dec 2019)
Other information
He believes the introduction of men's solo competitions in artistic swimming is only a matter of time. "I would like a male solo to appear - I dream of competing in a solitary discipline. It will happen for sure, but when is unknown. To do this, there must be a lot of strong male athletes. Of course, my story also influenced my perception of gender roles - I believe that a person is determined by his personality, not gender. Anyone should have the right to do what the soul is inclined to." (, 02 Aug 2019)

He became the first male artistic swimmer to represent the Russian Federation at the world championships when he competed in mixed duet at the 2015 edition of the tournament. He acknowledges his role as a pioneer for male athletes in the sport. "I realise that I am a pioneer who is doing something new. I hope that my example will serve as an inspiration for a new generation of synchro swimmers. Although many coaches, especially older generations, are not ready yet to deal with boys and don't know how to work with them. In my mind, the future of the sport rests on the shoulders of young coaches." (, 08 Aug 2017)

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