Olympic Solidarity programme kicks off in Djibouti (DJI)

Development News

The FINA/IOC Olympic Solidarity Development Programme held its first technical school in Djibouti (DJI) on 13-20 March, 2010.

Longtime Olympic Solidarity programme expert Michel Pedroletti from Marseille (FRA) gave the course in French to 18 local participants, who aspire to become great swimming coaches. They surely learned from the best as Michel Pedroletti is a former elite backstroke swimmer, former national coach (who notably trained two Olympic swimmers) and former Director for French swimming teams.

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Successful FINA Swimming Officials clinic held in Noumea (NCL)

Development News

A clinic for Swimming Officials was held in Noumea, New Caledonia, on February 17-21, 2010. In all, 45 Officials (42 local and 3 foreign participants) took part in the Clinic, organised for an intermediate to advanced Official’s level, with as main lecturer Mr. Gérard Lesur (Fédération Française de Natation Official).

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FINA Swimming Coaches Certification

The purpose of this Course is to offer all Swimming Coaches around the world the possibility to be acknowledged as certified Swimming coaches and to offer recognition for the work they have accomplished. We would like to give the opportunity to all coaches to progress and have credit for their achievements. The Course is open to coaches of all levels: from teaching children to swim to coaching elite swimmers.

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Date from Date to Country Fed. City Level Lecturer (s) Info
Panama City
Jesse Vassalo (USA)
- information alt
- registration alt
Rick Powers (USA)
- information alt
- registration alt
- information alt
- registration alt
21-Nov-14 23-Nov-14 Peru PER Lima 2 Bob Steele (USA) - information alt
- registration alt


The course is divided into three levels:

Level 1: the Foundations of Coaching

The FINA Level 1 Course is for coaches whose swimmers are participating in or aiming for the National Championships.

It has been developed from content from the United States, The United Kingdom, and Australia.

It is a survey course with significant chapters on biomechanics, basic swim training for new or novice swimmers through intermediate level age group swimmers, and all the fundamental coaching skills of educational skills understanding, communication skills for coaches, and developing philosophies and sport psychology that will allow athletes of all levels to succeed. This is the first required course in a FINA Series of Level 1, 2 and 3 courses that will allow coaches world-wide to have their education tested and receive a Certification in Coaching from FINA.

The FINA Level 1 course test must be completed in order to achieve FINA Level 1 Certification.

The content of this course was developed from a collaboration of the American, Australian and United Kingdom coaching associations and is presented free of charge to coaches, by FINA.

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Level 2: the Stroke School Course

The FINA Level 2 Course is for coaches whose swimmers are participating in or aiming for Continental Championships.

It focuses exclusively on Technique in the swimming strokes, starts and turns.

It is the "backbone" of world class coaching today, and puts it emphasis on the correct teaching or construction, of the strokes, and starting and turning mechanics. Both scientific background and practical coaching expertise are represented here, and there are explanations of both world class swimmers today and what they do, and specific instruction about teaching  young swimmers the techniques that will allow them to have success today and in the future.

The FINA Level 2 course test must be completed in order to achieve FINA Level 2 Certification.

The content of this course was developed from a collaboration of the American, Australian and United Kingdom coaching associations and is presented free of charge to coaches, by FINA.

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Level 3: Coaches for High-performance Athletes

The FINA Level 3 Course is for coaches whose swimmers are participating in or aiming for World Championships and Olympic Games.

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Through this programme, we want all coaches to be able to progress to the level of their ambition should it be National, Continental or World.

In 2011, priority will be given to the four development zones mentioned in the programme. Only Level 1 & 2 will be taught.


The CDs of Level 1 & 2 materials have been sent to all FINA National Member Federations. A printed copy will be distributed to all participants.



• Individual coaches will be responsible for their own travel and lodging costs for the duration of the three day courses. The host Federation will coordinate the local transportation and accommodation arrangements.
• There shall be no charge for the FINA Certification Course for the Coaches. The Certificate will be delivered at a cost of USD 30.00


• Organising the local transportation.
• Hiring a suitable conference room.
• Audio-visual equipment.
• Promoting the course within its country but also neighboring countries.
• Nomination of the Participants from their Federation, the nomination form should be sent to FINA two weeks before the course.


• The FINA office will provide support funding to the local host to help defray costs for audio-visual equipment and related classroom expenses on site.


Any coach wishing to participate in one of our courses must be registered and entered by his/her National Federation. The Registration form will be forwarded to the National Federations and also available from the FINA Website, that should be returned to the FINA Office once filled out. Once confirmation of registration is received from the FINA Office, the National Federation may contact the Host National Federation in order to make all necessary arrangements.


The FINA office will issue appropriate Certificates to each Coach that has passed the final test. The Certificates will be delivered through the coaches of the individual National Federation upon receipt of the payment of USD 30.00.

The payment can be made online here, or by a bank transfer to the FINA Official Bank account upon receipt of our invoice.


Please contact the FINA Office for any enquiries you may have in regard to the FINA Swimming Coaches Certification Programme:

FINA Office
Phone: +41 310 47 10
Fax: +41 21 312 66 10
Email: coaches.certification[at]fina.org


Olympic Solidarity - Technical Courses for Coaches

Date from Date to Continent Country Fed.
City Lecturer (s) Discipline Category Level
9-Feb-14 16-Feb-14 AMERICAS El Salvador
ESA San Salvador
Donald Miranda
20-Feb-14 24-Feb-14 EUROPE Cyprus CYP Nicosia Francisco J. Torrallardona
2-Apr-146-Apr-14AFRICAKenyaKENMombasaJames Richards
3-Apr-1412-Apr-14AFRICAEthiopiaETHAdamaGerd Nottelman
17-Apr-1423-Apr-14AFRICADjiboutiDJIDjibouti City
Frederic Barale

: DV = Diving; OW = Open Water; SW = Swimming; SY = Synchronised Swimming; WP = Water Polo
: Co = Coaches; Ju = Judges; Of = Officials; Re = Referees; To = Technical Officials
Level: BA = Basic; IN = Intermediate; AD = Advanced


FINA Schools - Programme

FINA Schools for Officials are intended to provide training and certification to judges and referees in all aquatic disciplines.

The purpose of FINA Schools is to:
- Increase the number of officials and enhance the quality of officiating
- Create uniform interpretation and application of rules across all aquatic disciplines, thus raising the quality of refereeing
- Develop and promote aquatics worldwide

FINA Schools for Officials are available within each continental region for each of the FINA disciplines.

FINA Swimming Officials Schools

Date from Date to Continent Country Fed.
City Lecturer (s) Information
8-Feb-14 9-Feb-14 EUROPE Latvia LAT Riga tbc information alt
22-Feb-14 23-Feb-14 AFRICA Uganda UGA Kampala G. Lawal (NGR)
D. Blew (AUS)
information alt

5-Apr-14 6-Apr-14 AMERICAS St. Lucia LCA Gros Islet C. Zaleski (USA)
S. Korbo (DEN)
information alt
18-Apr-14 19-Apr-14 AFRICA Namibia NAM Windhoek D. Bird (RSA)
G. Lawal (NGR)
information alt
5-Aug-14 6-Aug-14 ASIA Thailand THA Bangkok S. Korbo (DEN)
R. Arblaster (AUS)
information alt

> programme pdf & pool practice pdf
> nomination form pdf

FINA Diving Judges Certification Courses*

Date from Date to Continent Country Fed.
City Lecturer (s) Information
11-Dec-13 13-Dec-13 OCEANIA Australia AUS Sydney K. Seaman (CAN)
M. Lindberg (SWE)
information alt
 information alt
AMERICAS Chile CHI Santiago M Geissbuhler (SUI)
J. Llinas (ESP)
F. Konijnenburg (NED)
K. Dibiasi (ITA)
information alt
AFRICA South Africa RSA Johannesburg E. Brooker (AUS)
M Geissbuhler (SUI)
information alt
1-Apr-14 3-Apr-14 AMERICAS Brazil BRA Rio de Janeiro  S. McFarland (USA)
F. Platas (MEX)
information alt
7-May-14 9-May-14 AMERICAS Puerto Rico PUR San Juan  J. Llynas (MEX)
K. Dibiasi (ITA)
information alt

information alt
25-May-14 27-May-14 ASIA Vietnam VIE Hanoi  A. Piper (GER)
M. Geissbuhler (SUI)
information alt
4-Jun-14 6-Jun-14 AMERICAS Mexico MEX Monterrey  J. Llynias (ESP)
F. Platas (MEX)
information alt
13-Jun-14 15-Jun-14 ASIA Japan JPN Tokyo F. Konijnenburg (NED)
M. Lindberg (SWE)
information alt
9-Sep-14 11-Sep-14 EUROPE Russia RUS Penza M. Beck (GBR)
K. Dibiasi (ITA)
 information alt
31-Oct-142-Nov-14EUROPESwedenSWELaundM. Beck (GBR)
M. Geissbuhler (SUI)
information alt

* for experienced Judges either taking the course for the first time or seeking to renew their FINA Diving Judges Certification

> programme pdf
> nomination form pdf

FINA Diving Judges Development Schools*

Date from Date to Continent Country Fed.
City Lecturer (s) Information
11-Jan-14 12-Jan-14 ASIA Singapore SIN Singapore M. Geissbuhler (SUI) information alt
8-Feb-14 9-Feb-14 ASIA Sri Lanka SRI Colombo E. Brooker (AUS) information alt

* basic development course for persons with previous diving knowledge

> programme pdf
> nomination form pdf

FINA Water Polo Schools for Referees

Date from Date to Continent Country Fed.
City Lecturer (s) Information
8-Dec-13 10-Dec-13 AMERICAS Mexico MEX Tlalnepantla E. Martinez (CUB) information alt
24-Jan-14 26-Jan-14 ASIA  China  CHN Jiangsu G. Lonzi (ITA) information alt
14-Mar-14 16-Mar-14 AFRICA South Africa RSA Johannesburg G. Lonzi (ITA)
N. Firoiu (GER)
information alt
3-Apr-146-Apr-14AFRICAEgyptEGYCairoN. Firoiu (GER) 
9-May-14 11-May-14 OCEANIA Australia AUS Sydney J. Whitehouse (AUS)  
EUROPENetherlandsNEDGoudatbcinformation alt
EUROPE Montenegro MNE Budva N. Firoiu (GER)
G. Lonzi (ITA)
information alt
17-Oct-14 19-Oct-14 ASIA  Japan JPN Tokyo  G. Lonzi (ITA)
J. Whitehouse (AUS)
information alt
6-Dec-147-Dec-14OCEANIAAustraliaAUSSydneyJ. Whitehouse (AUS)information alt

> programme pdf
> nomination form pdf

FINA Synchronised Swimming Judges Schools

Date from Date to Continent Country Fed.
City Lecturer (s) Information
16-Jan-14 19-Jan-14 EUROPE France  FRA Paris M. J. Bilbao (ESP) information alt
16-Jan-14 19-Jan-14 AMERICAS Aruba ARU Oranjestad G. Jasontek (USA) information alt
31-Jan-14 3-Feb-14 AMERICAS USA USA San Antonio, Texas G. Jasontek (USA) information alt
6-Feb-149-Feb-14EUROPESpainESPBarcelonaM. J. Bilbao (ESP)information alt
1-Mar-14 4-Mar-14 AFRICA Egypt EGY Cairo D. Christou (EGY) information alt
18-Feb-14 21-Feb-14 ASIA China CHN Beijing M. Homma (JPN) information alt
28-Mar-14 31-Mar-14 ASIA Kazakhstan KAZ Almaty  M. Homma (JPN) information alt
M. J. Bilbao (ESP)information alt
13-Jun-1416-Jun-14AFRICASouth Africa
Cape Town
Danae Christou (EGY)
information alt

> programme pdf
> nomination form pdf

FINA Open Water Swimming School for Referees

Date from Date to Continent Country Fed.
City Lecturer (s) Information
11-Feb-14 13-Feb-14 AUSTRALIA Australia AUS Victoria J. West (NZL) information alt
20-Feb-14 23-Feb-14 OCENIA Cook Islands  COK  Rarotonga J. West (NZL) information alt
21-Mar-14 23-Mar-14 EUROPE Portugal POR Lisbon  S. Greetham (GBR) information alt
24-Mar-14 26-Mar-14 AFRICA Angola ANG Luanda Z. El Moufty (MAR)
9-May-2014 11-May-2014 EUROPE Italy ITA Ostia, Roma S. Greetham (GBR)  information alt
29-May-2014 31-May-2014 AMERICAS Brazil BRA Rio de Janeiro J. West (NZL) information alt
10-Jul-14 13-Jul-14 EUROPE Latvia LAT Liepaja S. Greetham (GBR) information alt
4-Jul-14 6-Jul-14 AFRICA South Africa RSA Johannesburg tbc
25-Aug-14 26-Aug-14 EUROPE Israel  ISR Eliat  NOTE: CANCELLED
information alt
6-Sep-14 7-Sep-14 EUROPE Hungary HUN Tihany J. Delgado (ECU) information alt
21-Nov-14 23-Nov-14 AMERICAS Chile CHI Valparaiso J. Delgado (ECU)

> programme pdf
> nomination form pdf


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