FINA Clinic boosts swimming officials ahead of 2015 African Games

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"I would like that following my visit here I could be certain that some of you may act as an official during the African Games." This is what Thierry Bonnamant, FINA expert from France, told the 32 participants on October 6-10, 2014 at the Alphonse-Massamba-Débat stadium in Brazzaville, Congo, where the first-ever FINA clinic was held.

According to Jean Kimbémbé, representative of the ministry, this clinic is tackling two issues: the acquisition of new strategies related to the practice of swimming and the raising of officiating skills among local trainees.

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FINA Swimming Officials School is a hit in Gros Islet (LCA)

Development News

FINA TSC Chairman Carol Zaleski (USA) and FINA TSC Honorary Secretary Søren Korbo (DEN) were the lecturers of the FINA Swimming Officials School successfully hosted by the St. Lucia Amateur Swimming Association at the Bay Garden Hotel in Gros Islet (LCA). The School had a total 72 participants, 61 local and 11 coming from neighbouring islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Cayman Islands, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.

St. Lucia is one of the small federations within the FINA Family. With a total population of almost 180,000, the Swimming Federation consists of seven clubs, which have about 250 licensed members.

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FINA takes action, will provide Scholarships for Athletes

Development News

In 2014, FINA will provide scholarships for Athletes, Youth Athletes and set up a Development of National Sport Structure programme. At its latest meeting in Cancun, Mexico on March 1-2, the FINA Bureau approved the new programmes, etching an important milestone for the development of Aquatics worldwide. Over the 2014-2017 period, FINA’s budget for these three programmes will amount to nearly USD 7 million.

Up to now, FINA’s development programmes focused on coaches and officials. In 2013, FINA together with its member federations organised 34 schools and 43 clinics in the five disciplines – Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Open Water Swimming – across all continents. In Cancun, the FINA Bureau rallied to include High Diving as well. FINA clinics train coaches from beginner to advanced levels while FINA schools provide training and certification to judges and referees.

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First FINA Swimming Officials School of 2014 held in Riga

Development News

The first FINA Swimming Officials school of 2014 was organised in Riga, Latvia, from February 8-9. FINA TSC Honorary Secretary Søren Korbo (DEN) and former FINA TSC Member Bill Hogan (CAN) trained a total 82 participants, 55 of which were locals and the remaining 27 participants from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Israel.

In his report, Søren Korbo highlighted the importance of such programme for small swimming federations, which are working assiduously for the development of the sport.

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Principles for the Organisation of FINA Clinics


1.1 There may be no more than one (1) clinic organised per member Federation, per year, as part of the FINA Development Programme.

1.2 Once a year, at the occasion of a Regional or Continental Competition, no more than four (4) clinics, either for coaches, judges or referees, may be organised. These clinics must be proposed by a Continental Organisation.

1.3 The minimum duration of a Clinic will be 5 (five) days and the maximum duration will be ten (10) days.

1.4 The exact dates of the Clinic must be communicated to the FINA Office minimum 60 days prior to the beginning of the Clinic.



Only one (1) lecturer per clinic, if possible from the same continent or region.

2.1.1 Travel:

FINA will provide the lecturers travel expenses (economy fare) if the Organising Federation does not.

2.1.2 Per Diem:

FINA will provide a per diem of US$ 100.00 per day including travel days as pocket money.

2.1.3 Accommodation:

FINA will provide full board, including three (3) meals, up to US$ 100.00 per day if the Organising Federation does not.


2.2.1 Travel:

Each National Federation must cover the participants travel expenses.

2.2.2 Accommodation:

FINA will provide US$ 30.00 per day, per person for a maximum of ten (10) days, for up to 20 foreign participants coming from outside of the country where the clinic is held, to assist with lodging expenses. Please note that these participants must provide a letter from their respective National Federation confirming their nomination to attend the clinic and the hosting federation must provide a list of clinic participants with their signatures as proof of attendance.

Accommodation assistance will only be paid for participants coming from the same continent or region.

This regulation does not apply for clinics which are held in conjunction with a Continental or Regional Competition.


2.3.1 FINA may support up to two (2) clinics, with a maximum of US$ 500.00 for the following:

- Production of booklets or pamphlets

- Room rental

- Rental of audio & visual equipment

- Other necessary materials for the clinic

2.3.2 For more than two (2) clinics, FINA will provide up to a maximum of US$ 1,000.00 for the items mentioned above


In order to be reimbursed for the expenses mentioned above, the original receipt(s), a copy of the flight ticket as well as the bank details where the transfer should be deposited must be sent to the FINA Office in Lausanne, Switzerland. Only original receipts received within 60 days from the conclusion of the clinic will be reimbursed.

Expenses for the participants from other countries will be reimbursed upon receipt of the letter from their respective Federation requested under Clause 2.2.2. Please note that in the FINA's auditor ruling there are no exceptions to the reimbursement procedure.


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