Diving day 8 - David Boudia (USA) crowned new champion in 10m platform, Daley (GBR) secures bronze

London 2012 Diving

The entire United Kingdom had been expecting this final since 2008. In January of that year, Thomas (Tom) Daley became the youngest winner ever of a British 10m platform senior title at the age of… 13! He got immediately spotted as a bright and talented diver, and when two months later he won the European crown in his pet event, the experts were unanimous: Beijing 2008 (in August that year) was still too early but this "boy" would have a rendezvous with history in 2012, at his home Games in London! Since then, many competitions have been contested and many successes have been collected, namely the 2009 world title in Rome (ITA), at 15. Today, August 11, millions of UK TV spectators and many thousands of fans in the Aquatics Centre turned their attention to the now called "poster boy": 15th of the heats (after a missed back 3 ½ somersault, DD 3.6) and fourth in the semis, Daley certainly felt the weight of pressure coming into tonight's final.

Besting him in the semis, Bo Qiu (CHN), the 2011 world champion, Yue Lin (CHN), 2008 Olympic gold medallist in the 10m platform synchro, and David Boudia (USA), silver medallist behind Qiu in Shanghai, were his main rivals to reach the highest podium. The semi-finals in the morning had been already impressive, with few mistakes and very high marks for the majority of divers. The (negative) surprises at this stage were the elimination of 2008 Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham (AUS, 13th) and of the 2007 world champion Gleb Galperin (RUS, 16th), while in the heats, Malaysian Bryan Nickson (19th) and Peter Waterfield (GBR, 23rd) were not at their best level.

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Water polo (M) day 7 - Italy will play Croatia for the final; Serbia and Montenegro fight for bronze

London 2012 Water Polo

Croatia will face Italy on Sunday at 15:50 at the London 2012 Olympic Water Polo Arena to determine the winner of the gold medal in this tournament. In today's semi final match Croatia, the only undefeated team, defeated Montenegro by a score of 7-5. Italy bested Serbia to earn their opportunity to play for the Olympic gold medal.

In the classification round, Spain will meet Hungary for the decision on which team will finish in 5th place at this tournament. The USA and Australia will battle for the 7th and 8th positions in the tournament. The placement of the following teams was determined after the five match preliminary round: 9th place: Greece, 10th place: Romania, 11th place: Kazakhstan, 12th place: Great Britain.

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Synchro, Team Final – Golden streak for Russia, Chinese butterflies steal silver from Spanish mermaids

London 2012 Synchro

Once upon a time...Glittering butterflies, crocodiles, mermaids, dinosaurs, spiders, all were part of the fairy tales that were told to the 17,000-strong audience during the team free routine final on the last day of the Olympic synchronised swimming competition at London's Aquatics Centre. The eight teams in competition put on a spectacular, breath-taking show, scissor-kicking and intertwining 128 legs in all throughout their respective 4-minute long programme. 

Swimming to the military-inspired music pieces of War and Step by Denis Garnizov, defending Olympic champion Russia delivered a near-perfect, complex choreography that received a powerful score of 197.030 (tech 98.100, free 98.930), sealing an unbeaten golden streak of four synchro team crowns. The synchro superpower began an unstoppable reign over the sport with a breakthrough victory at the 2000 Olympic Games, and winning nothing but gold from then on. 

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Marathon Swimming (M): Oussama Mellouli (TUN), first winner ever in the pool and in open water!

London 2012 Swimming

Oussama Mellouli of Tunisia won the Olympic Swim Marathon 10km today in Serpentine Lake at London's Hyde Park. Mellouli won the first and only gold medal for his country at the 2012 London Olympic Games. He finished the race is 1:49.55.1, more than 3 seconds ahead of Thomas Lurz of Germany, the most decorated open water swimmer in the race. Richard Weinberger of Canada finished 5.2 seconds behind the Tunisian to earn third place.

Mellouli is the first swimmer to win a medal in both the pool and the open water swimming events in the same Olympic Games and is also the first athlete to have won a gold medal in both the pool and open water events. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Mellouli won the gold medal in the 1500m freestyle. He competed in this event in London, swimming one half a second faster than he did four years ago, this time for a bronze medal. 

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Water polo (W) final day - USA captures elusive Olympic gold medal; Spain takes silver, Australia earns bronze

London 2012 Water Polo

The USA played their fourth Olympic water polo tournament before achieving their highest reward, an Olympic gold medal. Two USA players, Brenda Villa and Heather Petri now have four medals, one from each women's tournament since competition was inaugurated in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.  

Spain achieved its historic triumph, the silver medal, in their first time in the Olympic tournament. Australia leaves London with a bronze medal, the only other nation to compete for an Olympic medal in each of the last four Olympic Games. Australia defeated the USA in the first tournament in the Sydney 2000 Games, and collected a bronze four years ago in Beijing. The Australian team finished fourth in 2004 Athens Olympics. The complete ranking of the 2012 Water Polo Women's Tournament also includes: 4. Hungary; 5. China; 6. Russia; 7. Italy; 8. Great Britain

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