WP World Conference, Day 2: "Don't be afraid to change!"

World Water Polo Conference

FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu found the right words to wrap-up the two-day FINA World Water Polo Conference, which concluded in Cancun (MEX) on February 28, 2014. “We must move with the time. Time is changing, so water polo has also to evolve. We must transform this discipline into a memorable entertaining and social event.”

The two-day gathering drew the following conclusion: evaluate the status of water polo in the international sport market, look at what others are doing in fundamental areas such as marketing, communication and promotion, and propose new strategies for the oldest Olympic team sport. “The rules of the game are perhaps the easiest part of the equation. We have to create synergies at all levels, and most importantly, we must not be afraid of change”, continued FINA’s Executive Director. “We have a great game, with fantastic players, so let’s keep the expectations high!”

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WP World Conference, day 1: Fan satisfaction is no.1

World Water Polo Conference

The FINA World Water Polo Conference had its first day in Cancun (MEX) on February 27 and was highlighted by the vision and analysis of representatives from major professional leagues, newly successful sports, but also from the sponsor’s point of view, and equally important, from some stars of this spectacular team sport.

Throughout the day, one main message emerged to the delegates present in Mexico: to target high, water polo should be much more than a game; it should represent a unique experience for fans, and create a memorable opportunity to attract new spectators and supporters. Many ideas were presented on this matter, but one conclusion was evident: fans’ satisfaction is the number one priority. Promotion, entertainment, global show, heroes, social media, drama and emotion were some of the key concepts that were retained. The Conference will conclude on February 28.  

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Canadian Masters swimmer Jaring Timmerman of Winnipeg sets WR's


In January Canadian Masters swimmer Jaring Timmerman of Winnipeg took what you might regard as the second biggest splash of his lifetime.

Although he's an expert swimmer today, and one of the world's oldest, Timmerman recalls when he almost drowned as a child living in the Netherlands.

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Kazan 2015: everything on good track!

Kazan 2015

A FINA delegation, led by its Executive Director Cornel Marculescu was on February 1-2, 2014 in Kazan (RUS) to discuss with local Organisers the status of preparation of the 16th FINA World Championships taking place from July 24 to August 9, 2015 in the capital of Tatarstan.

During the two-day meeting, all the most relevant aspects related to the organisation of FINA’s major event were reviewed, and included: competition schedule, venues, accommodation, transportation plan, visa procedures, marketing strategy, media and communication operations, accreditation, Host Broadcaster, ticketing, volunteers, security, Opening and Closing ceremonies, technology, social programme, and medical services.

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FINA debates Aquatics nutrition in London


FINA/YAKULT Nutrition Consensus Meeting in Aquatic SportsFINA gathered the best worldwide experts in sport nutrition for a three-day meeting in London (GBR), where a FINA Consensus Statement on Nutrition in the Aquatic Sports was established.

With the active support of Yakult, FINA Official Partner, 23 of the most well-known specialists in this area discussed from December 13-15, 2013 in the British capital the challenges and strategies concerning the nutritional aspects of the FINA athletes in the five disciplines – Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Open Water Swimming.

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