DWS 2014, Windsor: Diving Canada predicts medals in all women’s events

Diving World Series

The trophy case in the lobby of the Winter International Aquatic and Training Centre located in Windsor, Canada is filled with memorabilia which chronicles the region's proud athletic history. Not surprisingly most of the exhibits commemorated the nation's rich tradition of dominant performances on the frozen ponds, lakes and ice rinks of the Ontario province. You'll see a bright red jacket from the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games worn by John Loring, one of the greatest Canadian track and field athlete of all time. There are even a few photographs, yellowing with age, featuring swim teams from the 1970's. You can look hard, but you won't find any diving memorabilia behind the glass.
Thanks to efforts of Mayor Eddie Francis and Diving Canada there may be a need to expand the trophy case in the very near future. The fifth stop of the FINA/NVC Diving World Series is scheduled to begin today at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre located just 0.5 mile from the city of Detroit, Michigan across from Lake Michigan. A total of USD$96,000 in prize money will be distributed to athletes placing first, second and third in the eight individual and synchro events during the World Series event this weekend.

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Doha 2014: FINA partners workshop bodes well for Championships

FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)

In preparation for the 12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m), the Doha 2014 organising committee hosted a successful two-day Partners Workshop for the Official FINA partners to showcase the latest preparations ahead of the Championships on May 21-22, 2014.

During the workshop, the attendees were introduced to Qatar’s state-of the art swimming facilities at the Hamad Aquatic Centre, in Doha’s Sport City as well as being provided with a detailed update on all organisational aspects and the exceptional preparations being made by the organising committee.

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Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 6: Australia, USA, Canada and Brazil qualify for Super Final

World League

Game #1: Kazakhstan vs Venezuela 17-9

Kazakhstan came out and scored the first goal of the match. Venezuela was quick to answer with a goal of their own. Keeping the match close both teams played aggressively the entire first half. Venezuela managed to gain the lead with a score of six to five to end the half. Once the second half resumed Kazakstan had five unanswered goals to take the lead. Kazakhstan won the game with a final score of 17-9.

The Kazakhstan offense was led by Natalya Shepelina with five goals of her own. Other scorers included: Aizhan Akilbayeva(2), Assel Jakayeva (4), Anastassiya Mirshina (1), Oxana Saichuk (1), Anna Turova (1) Natalya Alexandrova (2).

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Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 5: USA defeats China 14-10

World League

Game #1 Brazil vs Kazakhstan 12-11

Brazil and Kazakhstan started off day 6 of the FINA Intercontinental Women’s Water Polo tournament with a close game. Both teams were tied going into the fourth quarter of play and Brazil ended up victorious with a score of 12-11. Izabella Chiappini played a strong offensive game for Brazil. Chiapinni scored 8 goals for the Brazillian’s who also had goals from Mirella Coutinlo (2), Mailina Canetti (1), and Lunianne Balloncas (1). Tess Oliveira played in goal for the Brazilian’s and made 6 saves.

Kazakhstan’s offense was lead by Oxana Saichuk who scored 4 goals for the team. Goal’s also came from Anna Turova (2), Natalya Shepelina(2), Marina Gritsenk (1), Natalya Alexandrova (1), and Assel Jakayeva (1). Alexandra Zharkova was in the goal for Kazakhstan and made 6 saves.

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Women's Intercontinental Tournament, Day 4: Unbeaten USA and Australia advance to semis

World League

Game #1 Canada vs Brazil 10-6

Day 4 of the FINA Women's Intercontinental Water Polo Tournament kicked ofF with Canada battling Brazil. The final score was 10-6 with Canada giving Brazil the loss. The game began with both goalies giving a solid effort. However, Canada took an early lead with two goals from Joelle Bekhazi. Bekhazi came out agressive early by forcing tunrovers and taking advantage of them on the offensive end. At the end of two periods Canada had a 5-2 lead over Brazil, with Izabella Chiappini scoring both goals for Brazil. Brazil tried to rally back with Mirella Coutilo scoring two goals for Team Brazil. However, Canada’s captain Krystina Alogbo and Monkika Eggens were too much for Brazil, both scored two goals in the second half. Handing Canada a 10-6 win over Brazil.

The Canadian offense was well balanced having six different scorers for today's contest. The Brazilian offense consisted of four different scorers for the contest. Top Scorer for both teams consisted of: CAN:Joelle Bekhazi (3), Krystina Alogbo (2), and Monika Eggens (2). BRA: Izabella Chiappini (2) and Mirella Coutinlo (2).

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