Day 1, Aquatics Convention Doha 2014: Maximising FINA’s thrilling experience

FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)

convention_dohaThe first, intense, day of the Aquatics Conference, within the frame of the FINA World Aquatics Convention, started with the introductive speech by Cornel Marculescu. After explaining the meaning of the Convention and the goals that FINA wishes to achieve through it, the FINA Executive Director spoke of the absolute need to harmonize the World Calendar for the various disciplines and solicited the utmost co-operation from the National Federations in order to achieve such an important goal. He then presented the FINA Calendar for the years 2015-2017, highlighting the co-operation received from the Continental Associations and the Technical Committees to achieve an outcome that “has no overlaps and ensures an optimal organization of our major events”.

Then several topics were tackled, most with audiovisual support.

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Uganda coach says taking part really is what matters the most

Young Reporters Programme


Uganda swimming’s head coach visited Doha for only two days but Muzafaru Muwanguzi was confident his trip would help African competitors improve their skills. The head of Uganda’s junior and national teams said he drew one main message from the event. He said: “I realised one of the biggest problems with African swimming was the lack of competitions. Good performance comes from great exposure at competitions but competitions, of course, are very costly. They require you to travel and so on.” 

FINA covered the costs of Uganda’s athlete visit to Doha but Muwanguzi acknowledged that such largesse was not always available. “Africa doesn’t get much exposure, because of the budget,” he said. “It’s quite challenging. You can train and train but if you only compete once a year it’s working against you. Competitions are part of training.” 

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Day 1, Golden Clinic Doha 2014: Sharing excellence

Gold Medal Clinic

Presentation_dininoThe two-day FINA Swimming Coaches Golden Clinic opened in Doha, Qatar today with a highlight presentation from South African head coach Graham Hill. More than 200 coaches listened intently as some of the world’s leading coaches expounded their theories and unveiled their techniques and training programmes.

The enthralled audience heard Hill deal with pre-season planning and how he manages his superstar swimmer Chad Le Clos (RSA). Hill said that Le Clos thrived on heavy training in competition while some of his other charges, including distance swimmer Miles Brown (RSA), followed different programmes and had different demands.

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Haiti's new arrivals in race against time after visa trouble

Young Reporters Programme

Convention_finaLess than seven months after being affiliated to FINA, Haitian swimmers may miss their first world event after a visa hitch back home.

The quintet were left treading water and with only the hope that a Monday promise from the United States embassy in Port-au-Prince would allow them to race to Doha for their FINA debut. Evenel Mervilus, president of the Association Haïtienne de Natation et de Sauvetage (ASHANASA), said he hoped his team would make it even though, by their arrival, competition will already be under way.

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Myrtha pool magic opens up new sporting worlds

Young Reporters Programme

MyrthaThe surreal concept of sitting at a tennis court to watch a swimming competition has been turned into reality at the FINA World Swimming Championships. FINA partner Myrtha Pools launched it at the second championships in Rio de Janeiro in 1995 by installing two 25m temporary pools on Copacabana beach.

Two more pools 'landed' on the tennis courts in Rome at the 2009 World Championships and a further two in the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai in 2011. New materials with new and unique properties developed by Myrtha for its temporary pools make it all possible.

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