An Outlook on the Men's World League Super Final tournament

World League

Italian coach Sandro Campagna, on his arrival at the “Moraca” venue (which he defined as “fantastic”) directly from a training camp in Bressanone, Northern Italy at a height of 1000 metres, said his players have worked hard to improve their physical conditions and they are still working hard in order to achieve their best condition for the World Championships.

Campagna said: “I have also worked on their mental preparation; I want a winning attitude and this Super Final is just what we need to sharpen our condition.” He added: “Here, we will be able to play some high intensity games; for sure we will fight for possession on every ball, until the end of each game.”

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Portrait of a Master: Nigel Kemp (CAN)


Nigel Kemp (CAN)

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Nigel Kemp, President of Masters Swimming Canada (MSC), is also a Master course conductor in Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program and a contributing author to Swim Canada and FINA technical manuals. He is a multiple award-winning coach, as well as a ten-time Canadian Masters champion who competes regularly. Kemp has been in swimming for a total of 55 years. Presently, he both coaches and swims for the Halifax Trojan Masters swim club in the province of Nova Scotia, where he adheres to the “Active for Life” philosophy for the promotion of health and well-being.

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OWS GP 2009, Racing through Canyon Country

Open Water Grand Prix


Famous open water swimmers Peter Stoychev (BUL) and Britta Kamrau-Corestein (GER) were winners of the fourth race of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2009 series. This event was held at Mexico’s beautiful Sumidero Canyon in the Grijalva River on April 18, where Stoychev imposed a new record for the 15km route with a time of 3h9m49s. 

The men’s competition was a true battle of the titans, marked by vigorous duels between Stoychev, Diego Nogueira (ESP), Ivan Lopez (MEX) and Michael Dimitriev (ISR), as each swimmer alternated in the lead position.

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World Trophy 2009: Riding the wave of success to Montreal

Synchro World Trophy

Last December in Madrid, the world of synchronised swimming entered into a new era with the introduction of thematic routines at the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy. These routines also allowed participants to perform using accessories and additional equipment – something not permitted at the World Championships or Olympics. This new creative dimension brought added-value to the show and helped seduce spectators, TV viewers and judges. From November 27-29, when the 4th FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy 2009 takes place in Montreal (CAN), the innovative trend of this competition will continue. Even more new concepts aimed at improving and promoting the artistic side of synchronised swimming will be introduced, with the aim of boosting the sport’s popularity overall.

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Portrait of a Master: Mohamed Diop (SEN)


Mohamed Diop (SEN)

Mohamed Diop is not only a Masters enthusiast with an impressive amateur career behind him, but also a genuine swimming leader who diligently promotes the sport in Senegal. “I stopped my [amateur] swimming career in 1999 at 35 years of age at the time of the African Games in Johannesburg (RSA),” he recalls. “From that moment, I decided to continue swimming as a Master for two reasons. The first is because I adore the sport, and the second is because I have a tendency to gain weight if I do not regularly engage in sport.”

In reality, Diop’s affiliation with swimming extends much further. Currently he is not only President of the Fédération Sénégalaise de Natation et de Sauvetage, but also a Bureau Member of the Confederation Africaine de Natation Amateur. Also, his positive experiences with swimming have made him particularly interested in engaging young people to get involved.

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