World League

Since 2002, the world’s best water polo national teams meet each year and compete against one another in the sport’s first global league.

From 2014 on, the competition formula comprises two preliminary tournaments: one in Europe with a series of “home and away” games and an Intercontinental Tournament with the participation of teams from Africa, Americas, Asia and Oceania.

A Super Final for both the men’s and women’s league is organised with the eight qualifying teams of the preliminaries. A total prize money of US$ 345'000 (men) and US$ 202'500 (women) is distributed.

The women's Super Final is to be held in Kunshan (CHN) from June 10-15, 2014 while the men's Super Final is scheduled in Dubai (UAE) from June 16-21, 2014.

An Outlook on the Men's World League Super Final tournament

World League

Italian coach Sandro Campagna, on his arrival at the “Moraca” venue (which he defined as “fantastic”) directly from a training camp in Bressanone, Northern Italy at a height of 1000 metres, said his players have worked hard to improve their physical conditions and they are still working hard in order to achieve their best condition for the World Championships.

Campagna said: “I have also worked on their mental preparation; I want a winning attitude and this Super Final is just what we need to sharpen our condition.” He added: “Here, we will be able to play some high intensity games; for sure we will fight for possession on every ball, until the end of each game.”

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