FINA World Men's Water Polo Development Trophy

Launched in 2007, the FINA Water Polo Development Trophy gathers teams from nations in Africa, the Americas and Asia where it is still not a major sport, seeking to develop water polo on a global level. Twelve teams that do not usually participate in FINA water polo events are selected and invited to compete in this event, organised every two years.

The Kuwait Swimming Association organised three editions (2007, 2009 and 2013) while Dammam (KSA) hosted the 2011 edition. Teams from Algeria, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Guatemala, Jamaica, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, the Netherlands Antilles, Peru, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Uruguay and Uzbekistan have taken part in the event.

WP Trophy 2013, day 6: Uzbekistan triumphs over Egypt 8-5 and wins Trophy

FINA Water Polo Development Trophy 2013, Kuwait City (KUW) - credit: @ahmad_akbarOn the final day of the 4th FINA Men’s Water Polo World Development Trophy, Peru rested. They had finished sixth in Group A and, with 11 teams participating in the event, they became the 11th ranked team in the tournament. The ninth place game was played between another team from the Americas, Guatemala, and an Asian representative – Singapore. From the outset, this was a ‘no contest’. Singapore held the Guatemalans scoreless in the first period jumping out to a 4-0 lead. They continued to dominate leading 11-2 and 17-4 at the end of the next two periods before holding Guatemala down in the fourth period to win by a final score of 20-5. This gave Singapore a ninth place finish while Guatemala finished tenth giving the Americas the bottom two places.

The next morning game saw two African teams – South Africa and Tunisia battle it out for seventh place. The South Africans grabbed a 3-1 first period lead. Tunisia cut the deficit to 1 by the end of the half, trailing 4-3. Both teams shut down the offence of the other team in the scoreless third period so Tunisia started the fourth period down 1 goal. The game previous against Singapore, Tunisia had scored a come from behind victory in front of their boisterous fans. This time, again having the most vocal supporters in the tournament, they had no more surprises as South Africa, even missing a penalty shot, held Tunisia off and finished as 5-3 victor. South Africa, likely most improved team throughout the tournament took home a seventh place finish while Tunisia from North Africa finished eighth.

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WP Trophy 2013, day 5: Puerto Rico ousts Kuwait, clean win for Saudi Arabia over Peru

FINA Water Polo Development Trophy 2013, Kuwait City (KUW) - credit: @ahmad_akbarThe final round-robin day of the competition at the Al-Arabi Sporting Club began with a match between the teams from Peru and Saudi Arabia, the sixth and second place teams in Group A. Peru came into the match winless and left it in the same state as they lost to the team from Saudi Arabia by a score of 13-7. Peru actually led 2-1 at the end of the first period as both teams played a slow paced game. The Saudis scored a number of cherry picking goals where with just the shooter and the goalie, the goalie had no chance.

The day’s second game was also a Group A encounter – between the top ranked Egyptians and the third ranked Uruguayans. In the first period, the Egyptians jumped out to a 4-1 lead and the result was never in doubt. They led 9-2 at the half and the final score was Egypt 15 Uruguay 4 as the team from the Americas was never really in the game.

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WP Trophy 2013, day 4: The Uzbek squad defeats the locals 9-4

FINA Water Polo Development Trophy 2013, Kuwait City (KUW) - credit: @ahmad_akbarDay 4 of the FINA World Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy began on a warm and sunny day in Kuwait City. The Republic of South Africa, trying to bounce back from a gut-wrenching loss the evening before played the team from Puerto Rico in the day’s first game. The Puerto Ricans, representing the Americas, jumped out to a 4-1 first period lead over the African team and extended their lead to 8-3 at the half. The Puerto Rican dominance continued throughout the rest of the game and they took away the 2 points with a 14-6 win over the South Africans. The South African no.6, Schooling, was the high scorer of the game netting 5 of the 6 goals for the team from South Africa.

Game 2 saw Saudi Arabia try to get back on the winning track in their game against Singapore. The Saudis took a 3-2 lead at the end of the first quarter and then held the team from Singapore goalless in the second to lead 6-2 at the half. In spite of being outscored by 2 goals in the second half, the team from Saudi Arabia was the victor, winning by a final score of 9-7. Gahal led the winners with 4 goals.

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WP Trophy 2013, day 3: Egypt defeats Saudi Arabia, tight victory for Kuwait over South Africa

FINA Water Polo Development Trophy 2013, Kuwait City (KUW) - credit: @ahmad_akbarThe first game of day 3 was between the team from Uruguay and the team from Singapore. The winner would move into a tie for second place in Group A. The game started off fairly even with both teams missing many good shooting opportunities, hitting the goalkeeper or having their shots blocked. The Uruguayans took a 2-1 first quarter lead but the team from Singapore jumped ahead 4-3 by half time. Unfortunately for them, that was as good as it got as Uruguay won the last 2 periods 5-2 and 4-1 ending up with a 12-7 victory led by 5 second half goals from no.3, Samario.

Game 2 saw Saudi Arabia meet Egypt in a battle for top spot in Group A. The Saudis took a 1-0 lead after the first quarter despite their experienced no.11, Shaheen, picking up two major fouls, which would later limit his effectiveness. The Egyptians came out attacking in the second period scoring five unanswered goals taking a 5-1 lead into the second half. The Saudi team began attacking more, cutting the deficit to 3 but the Egyptians matched them resulting in a 10-5 victory for Egypt and top spot in Group A.

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WP Trophy 2013, day 2: Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan take the lead

FINA Water Polo Development Trophy 2013, Kuwait City (KUW) - credit: @ahmad_akbarKuwait City, KUWAIT - The second day of the FINA men's Water Polo Development Trophy began with a Group B game between two unbeaten teams: Uzbekistan representing Asia and Puerto Rico, one of the teams from the Americas.

On the back of an outstanding 8 goal performance from Kiril Rustomova, wearing cap  no.7, the Uzbeks, after falling behind 2-0 in the first quarter, took control of the rest of the game, winning by a score of 15-10 and handing the fatigued Puerto Ricans their first loss.

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WP Trophy 2013: Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Egypt, Puerto Rico and Uzbekistan win on opening day

FINA Water Polo Development Trophy 2013, Kuwait City (KUW) - credit: @ahmad_akbarKuwait City, KUWAIT - The 2013 edition of the FINA Men’s Water Polo World Development Trophy, the 4th such event, was hosted by the Kuwait Swimming Federation in Kuwait. There are 11 teams participating in two Groups – Algeria was a late cancellation. The six teams playing in Group A are from Tunisia, Egypt, Peru, Uruguay, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. The five Group B teams are from South Africa, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Uzbekistan and the host country, Kuwait.

The tournament began on a sunny day in Kuwait. Tunisia played Saudi Arabia in the first game of the tournament. The team from Saudi Arabia were 12-8 victors in the Group A competition. The second game was also a Group A competition – between the two countries from South America – Uruguay and Peru. The Atlantic coast team from Uruguay defeated Peru by a score of 8 to 4.

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