FINA Synchro World Trophy

The FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy is a unique competition which celebrates the beauty and artistry of synchronised swimming. 

Created in 2006, the three-day event gathers eight to twelve teams from the strongest nations in the sport every year. The innovative competition formula features a Highlight routine, a Thematic Duet, a Thematic Team and a Free Combination, where marks are given for artistic impression only.

Moscow (RUS), Rio de Janeiro (BRA), Madrid (ESP), Montreal (CAN), Beijing (CHN) and Mexico City (MEX) have successfully hosted the event. In 2014, the ninth edition of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy will take place in Beijing (CHN) on December 12-14.

Moscow 2010, Day 2: Spain ahead of Russia, Ukraine third


Day 2 of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy taking place in Moscow, Russia, was firstly marked by the Solo Exhibition, which featured a selection of the world’s best soloists. For the first time, the event was not judged and the performers included rising stars Risako Mitsui from Japan and Lolita Ananasova from Ukraine as well as Italian diva Beatrice Adelizzi and Russia’s synchronised swimming icon Natalia Ishchenko.

Risako Mitsui (JPN) offered the audience an outstanding performance, in a delightful mix of strength and softness while European bronze medallist Lolita Ananasova (UKR) brought life to the lyrics of “Je t’aime” by Belgian-born singer Lara Fabian, creating an extremely emotional atmosphere.

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Moscow 2010, Day 1: Spain and Russia start favourites

The FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy is holding its fifth edition from December 3-5, 2010 at the “Olimpiyskiy” pool in Moscow, Russia. The Russian capital already hosted the World Trophy for its inaugural edition in 2006. In today’s first session, all seven participating nations – Canada, China, Egypt, Japan, Russia, Spain and Ukraine – took to the stage to perform in two events: the Synchro Highlight Routine and the Thematic Duet. The World Trophy has an exclusive programme with scores given for Artistic Impression only (i.e. choreography, interpretation of music and manner of presentation) and events are held as direct finals.


It’s a first award winning performance for Spain which bested Russia in the Synchro Highlight Routine, totalling 96.500 points. The  Spaniards set the tone from the beginning, wearing a golden swimsuit and mask, displaying perfect synchronisation – not an easy task with 12 swimmers in the water! – and excelling in creativity, especially regarding the lifts; one of them involved a swimmer in a bridge-like position over another swimmer performing the same position.

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Montreal 2009, Day 3: Canada crowned new champion

A new champion, the team from Canada, was crowned at the 4th FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy held at Montreal's Olympic Park Sports Center, the venue of the 1976 Olympic Games. Canada won the Highlight Routine and Thematic Duet on Friday and finished first in the Thematic Team event last evening. The squad from the host federation collected enough points to win the 4th FINA World Trophy this evening following their third place finish in the Combination Team routine in the fifth and final event of the programme. Canada ranked fourth in the third edition of this competition held in Spain and won by the host nation last year.

The total score accumulated during the five events of the competition allowed Canada to climb on the top of the podium ahead of Russia. The cumulative score for Canada was 491.666 points, followed by Russia with 491.333 points, and Spain with 485.666 points. Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon (CAN) and Chloe Isaac (CAN) won the Thematic Duet event and Boudreau-Gagnon (CAN) finished second to the FINA World Champion Natalia Ischenko (RUS) in the solo event. The Canadian team received their first 10.0 score since the 1992 Olympics in Saturday's Thematic Team Routine. Another milestone for the Canadian squad was a finish ahead of the powerful Russia team, the first time this has occurred since the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

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Montreal 2009, Day 2: Russia wins solo but Canada remains in the lead

The host federation returned to Montreal's Olympic Park Sports Center, the venue of the 1976 Olympic Games, at the top of the scoring tables following the first evening of competition at the 4th FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy. Saturday night is "Hockey Night in Canada" but ironically this evening's performances did not include any references or elements drawn from Canada's national pastime. Hockey jerseys, sticks, pucks and the NHL buzzer were the signature accessories  in Friday evening's winning performances by the duet and team squads from Canada. The Canadian squad swam to first place in last night's Highlights and Thematic Routines and leads in the scoring for the FINA Trophy after just two events.

Tonight the venue sound system blared the Black Eyed Peas hit song "A Good Night" featuring these lively lyrics:  "I have a feeling, I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night, a good, good night" perhaps giving even further inspiration to the Canadian team. Tonight the Canadians would face a stiff challenge from a Russian World Champion and the 2008 Olympic Gold Medallists in this evening's Free Solo and Thematic Team routines.

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Montreal 2009, Day 1: Canada leads after two events

The world's best synchronized swimmers returned to Montreal to compete in the 4th edition of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy. The national federations of Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and United States will perform five events: “Synchro Highlight Routine”, “Thematic Duet”, “Solo”, “Thematic Team” and “Combination. In order to enhance the spectacular routines in synchronised swimming, the FINA Synchro World Trophy has different rules than the ones used at Olympic Games or World Championships. The main differences relate with the possibility of wearing accessories, to the judgement of the deck movements, or to the length of the programmes.

Just four summers ago Montreal hosted the very successful 2005 FINA World Championships.  Just prior to the competition Montreal's Mayor Gerald Tremblay was presented with the FINA Order in recognition of his outstanding support for the organisation of the 2005 FINA World Championships. This competition is being held at the aquatics venue of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

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World Trophy 2009: Riding the wave of success to Montreal

Last December in Madrid, the world of synchronised swimming entered into a new era with the introduction of thematic routines at the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy. These routines also allowed participants to perform using accessories and additional equipment – something not permitted at the World Championships or Olympics. This new creative dimension brought added-value to the show and helped seduce spectators, TV viewers and judges. From November 27-29, when the 4th FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy 2009 takes place in Montreal (CAN), the innovative trend of this competition will continue. Even more new concepts aimed at improving and promoting the artistic side of synchronised swimming will be introduced, with the aim of boosting the sport’s popularity overall.

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