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1 I am a diving coach and my divers travel regularly around the world. Should the athletes be immunized for travel-related illnesses?
2 What are some of the consequences for an athlete with an eating disorder?
3 As a synchro coach, can I cause an athlete to develop an eating disorder?
4 My swimmer has been diagnosed with patellar femoral syndrome in her knees. I notice that when she walks on the deck, her foot prints show that her feet are flat compared to her team mates. Is this important?
5 My athlete is having a cortisone injection in their knee by the team doctor. What forms should the doctor complete for anti-doping purposes?
6 I am a water polo player and I have just been diagnosed with swimmer’s shoulder. My doctor says that I shouldn’t be swimming. How will I stay in shape?
7 Is doping control different in water polo than in other aquatic sports?
8 One of the players on my water polo team has a concussion. Should I let him train with the team?
9 As a team manager, what should I look for at diving competitions to ensure medical safety for my athletes?
10 I am the parent of a child who is interested in becoming a diver. Is Diving a safe sport?
11 Is there any research evaluating the use of supplements in swimmers at FINA or Olympic events?
12 I am a water polo player on insulin treatment for diabetes. I have 3 questions about my use of insulin as a FINA athlete.
13 I am a water polo team doctor. One of my team members suffered a concussion about 5 days ago. Is there anything in particular I should watch for in his/her psychological recovery?
14 One of my swimmers injured herself in the hotel bathroom and we went to the emergency room to get checked out and was told she had a concussion and to watch her over night. Why is this so important?
15 I am a water polo goalie and I've had already 5 really bad episodes where the ball hit me in the back of the head. It is harder to concentrate and sleep and my grades are worsening. I might lose my scholarship if stopping to play. Any advice?
16 I am an open water swimmer and hurt my head playing soccer with my friends. I never saw a doctor and it finally went away after a week. Now that I am back swimming in the ocean I get throbbing headaches and nauseated just after 5 minutes. Is this serious?
17 Which exercises help maintain a healthy back?