FINA Synchro World Trophy

The FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy is a unique competition which celebrates the beauty and artistry of synchronised swimming. 

Created in 2006, the three-day event gathers eight to twelve teams from the strongest nations in the sport every year. The innovative competition formula features a Highlight routine, a Thematic Duet, a Thematic Team and a Free Combination, where marks are given for artistic impression only.

Moscow (RUS), Rio de Janeiro (BRA), Madrid (ESP), Montreal (CAN), Beijing (CHN) and Mexico City (MEX) have successfully hosted the event.

Beijing 2014, Day 2: China clinches overall title

With victories in the thematic duet and free combination on Day 2, host China blitzed to win all four titles at stake in Beijing, China at the ninth edition of the FINA Synchronised World Trophy, held on December 13-14, 2014. This is the third title at this event for the Asian synchro powerhouse.

At Yingdong swimming complex, local duet Li Ang / Ma Shuang delivered a powerful routine on "Beautiful Girls", scoring 95.3330 points. Russian sisters Anastasia and Daria Bayandina finished second with 91.8335 points while Mexican duet Delgado Blanca / Diosdado Nuria took third with 89.8335 points.

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Beijing 2014, Day 1: Host China bags two gold

Host China swept the gold in the free team and synchro highlight routine on the opening day of the 9th FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy, organised in Beijing, China on December 13-14, 2014.

Delighting the home crowd, the Chinese team performed brilliantly on "Heroines" to finish first in the free team routine, collecting a total 95.1665 points. Swimming to "Into the Wind", Russia's squad took with 91.8335 while Canada claimed third spot, earning 89.6665 points. Mexico and Spain came fourth and fifth, scoring 88.6665 and 86.6665, respectively.

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Mexico 2013, Day 3: Mexico, place of joy again for Chinese team

December 1, 2013 MEXICO CITY - The Chinese team obtained their second crown at the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy, winning in convincing fashion three out of the four events at stake, on December 1, 2013 in Mexico City (MEX).

China ranked first with a total 379.8340 points, Ukraine captured the silver with 375.6680 while Spain secured the bronze with an overall score of 373.8330.

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Mexico 2013, Day 2: Russia-Spain-Ukraine take top spot in Highlight routine

November 30, 2013 MEXICO CITY - Day 2 of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy in Mexico City brought its lot of surprises with the teams of Russia, Spain and Ukraine tying for first place in the Synchro Highlight Routine, with a total 94.6670 points. Team China finished at the podium's door with 94.330 but bounced back to take out the Free Team, scoring an overall 95.5000, besting Ukraine and Spain, second and third, respectively.

The audience was delighted with the routines of the eight teams entered in the Synchro Highlight Routine, where all showed talent, strength and dynamism. Stories were told with original accessories: a dance of fire and mystery by Spain, pyramids and Pharaohs by Egypt, a circus celebrations with balloons and red noses by Mexico, birds and feathers by China and giant scarves by Russia, to name a few.

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Mexico 2013, Day 1: Blasting creativity, China wins Thematic duet

November 29, 2013 MEXICO CITY - Tremendous creativity was on display in the Thematic duet, the first event of the 8th FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy, organised from November 29 to December 1, 2013 at Mexico state's Aquatic Complex "Joaquín Capilla".

The ten participating countries - China, Spain , Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Italy , Egypt, Greece and host Mexico - delighted the audience with their routines reflecting their own country's culture.

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Mexico 2012, Day 3: China takes home 1st Synchro World Trophy title

Chinese Team - credit: Giorgio ScalaDecember 2, 2012 MEXICO CITY - The Free combination routine concluded the seventh edition of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy in Mexico. Dynamic and versatile, the Free combination features all the possibilities of this artistic discipline - solo, duet, trio and teams – in a single routine and China took again the spotlight on the last day, winning the overall competition with 384.625 points. Japan (379.450 points) and Ukraine (378.775 points) completed the podium, second and third respectively. The podium was the same in the Free combination routine.

China entered in this competition showing strength and confirming their intention to reach the top of the synchro world hierarchy. The Chinese girls delivered a vibrant routine wearing red swimsuits, the colour of the country, with an original choreography, marked by perfect body balance and height of figures.

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Mexico 2012, Day 2: China wins Thematic team, Japan and Ukraine also on podium

China's Thematic Team - credit: Giorgio ScalaDecember 1, 2012 MEXICO CITY - The softness of Chinese folk songs and the energy of the samurai highlighted the second day of the 7th FINA Synchro World Trophy, marked by very creative routines. On day 2, the Chinese team received again very high scores for their near-perfect performance. The team (Or Liu, Xi Luo, Xuechen Huang, Wu Ywen, Jiachen Fan, Lele Yu Xiaoujun chen, Wenyan One, Si Chang and Li Guo) totalled a winning score of 96.338.

The Chinese swimmers transformed the pool into a dance floor, thrilling both the judges and audience with the mega hit song "Gagnam Style". The Japanese filled the pool with mystery when they climbed on the deck dressed as samurai using features such as dry ice.

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Mexico 2012, Day 1: China dominates in Synchro highlight and Thematic duet

Canada's Highlight Routine - credit: Giorgio ScalaNovember 30, 2012 MEXICO CITY - The seventh edition of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy started with all the energy and "plasticity" of the Synchro highlight routines and thematic duets. All participating countries - Russia, China, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Ukraine - will present at the Mexican Olympic Sports Centre pool a show that keeps getting more and more spectacular since the competition was firstly launched in 2006. More specifically, the use of accessories is allowed and time on deck can exceed 10 seconds. All of these aspects without sacrificing the technique of the sport.

Asia dominated the first event of the competition, the Synchro Highlight routine, with China (95.788 points) and Japan (95.238 points) finishing on top, showing very different styles. While the Chinese chose to use at the same time delicacy and vigor in their birds-themed routine, the Japanese used several accessories and their theatrical skills in a daring choreography that featured an armed dispute by power. Both teams displayed creativity and a high degree of difficulty in their routine.

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Beijing 2011, Day 3: Spain retains title, Russia ends at podium's door

Host China finished third - credit: Fei MaohuaSpain's stunning performance by the music "Stairways to Heaven", a routine they have been presenting since the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome, definitely stole the show on the final day of the 2011 FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy where the last event, Free Combination, was contested at Beijing's Water Cube. Canada finished second while China claimed third spot, ahead of the Russian team.

The last and longest event of the competition is the only one to be performed under the same FINA Rules that usually apply in other competitions. As a result, no accessories or additional equipment is permitted in the routine.

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Beijing 2011, Day 2: Spain retains team title at World Trophy

Spanish Shark - credit: Fei MaohuaThey are sharks, dolphins, crabs, turtles, octopus seaweeds, waves...Defending champion Spain retained the team routine title thanks to a fascinating performance of Ocean at the 2011 FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy at the Water Cube on Saturday.

The Spanish squad proved the proverb "one who laughs last, is the winner". Being the last ones to perform in the event, Spain attracted the audience from the beginning of their entrance and throughout the routine by imitating the ocean creatures, turning the Water Cube into deep ocean, for a victory worth 97.151 points.

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