Reaching everyone


FINA Aquatics World Magazine is distributed throughout the world, through complimentary copies sent by FINA to all national federations, while also being made accessible to decision-makers at the International Olympic Committee and among leaders of National Olympic Committees and sponsors of aquatic sports.

Anyone can buy the publication by taking out a subscription. Individual subscribers can order online or by post, at a price of 4 EUR, plus postage. A discounted price is offered to the FINA Member Federations: 2.5 EUR, plus postage.

Organisations ordering a large number of copies (federations, clubs, coaching bodies, companies) may be entitled to discounts.

FINA Aquatics World Magazine is seeking cooperation with national swimming publications of its member federations and it is open to reaching agreements on joint distribution with such local publications.

In the event of an order being placed for at least 5,000 copies from a certain language area, FINA will consider publishing the magazine separately in the relevant language.

In addition, we encourage the idea of selling the Magazine at all major FINA events.