Youth Water Polo (W), Day 1: USA, Japan, Russia and Spain win first games

World Youth Water Polo Championships

USA, Japan, Russia and Spain are the first leaders of the group of the FINA World Women’s Water Polo Youth Championships that have begun this morning at the pool of the Swimming Center M-86 in Madrid, Spain. The USA team beat Hungary with a surprising score (14-9), and they are leaders of the group A, together with South Africa, which has defeated Germany (7-5).

United States showed an excellent physical condition in its match against the Hungarian team, with Fisher and Rane as the main scorers. In the group's other match, South Africa faced pressure from Germany in a more even game.

In group B, Japan got first place after beating Brazil (4-11). Greece and Italy tied 9-9 in the second match of the day. Japan displayed a great strength in their defense and a fast counter-attack to get their first victory, whereas Greece and Italy finished their match in a tie, the only one in the first day of the competition between two of the favourite teams to finish first at the end of these championships.

ESP vs PUR - credit: RFEN / Quintín García

Meanwhile, Spain leads group C after their comfortable win against Puerto Rico with a 4-26 score. The host team avoided any surprise and already in the first half showed its huge superiority (1-6). In the other match of the group, the Netherlands was far superior to China (10-21), but lost the lead because of the goal difference against Spain, after their indisputable 4-26 score, the largest win of the day.

And in Group D, Russia beat New Zealand (9-14), while Canada defeated Australia (7-6) in the most even match of all those which have taken place this evening in Madrid. The Canadians scored two goals before the half-time (6-4) but did suffer until the very end to keep their advantage.

RSA team - RFEN / Quintín García


Maud Megens (Netherlands):
“To begin the tournament this way is fantastic. We have scored many goals and that will give us a lot of confidence”

Marcelo Leonardi (USA coach):
“I am proud of my team and really happy with the result. The key of the victory was a good defense and the physical play during the third quarter.”

Judit Forca (Spain):
“Puerto Rico has been useful to get ready for the match tomorrow against the Netherlands, which will be much harder. But we are happy with our debut at home with full tiers.”

Courtesy of Rodrigo Gil-Sabio, RFEN