Doha 2014 - Team Information

1. Registration procedure

A Games Management System (GMS) will be in operation to process all entries and competition applications online. Each National Federation will receive a unique access code for accessing the system and
managing the registration for their delegation.

National Federations with no internet access will be able to send faxes to Doha 2014 OC at the following number +974 4494 4221.

The following deadlines must be observed:

Tuesday July 15, 2014 Provisional Entries

Friday August 1, 2014

Hotel Accommodation Form

Wednesday October 1, 2014 Preliminary Entries, Media Accreditation Form,
Media Hotel Accommodation Form,
Media Telephone Booking Form,
Athletes Travel Form FINA
Friday October 31, 2014 Final Entry Form, Team Officials Accreditation
Sunday November 23, 2014 Final Individual Entry Forms
Relay Entry Forms
Team Summary Form

2. Travel & Accommodation assistance

Details on travel & accommodation assistance will be given on a further update of these Summons.

3. Team Hotels

Price of the Team Hotels:

5 star hotels: 190 USD Single Room, 240 USD Double Room
4 star hotels: 165 USD Single Room, 220 USD Double Room

Details on travel & accommodation assistance will be given on a further update of these Summons.

4. Registration and qualification of competitors

Each Federation may enter no more than two competitors per individual event, regardless of standards. There is no limit on the number of events in which each competitor may enter (BL

For each relay event, each Member may enter only one team. All swimmers entered in individual events can be used in relays (BL

The composition of a relay team may be changed between heats and finals of an event. When preliminaries are swum, medals or diplomas shall be awarded to those swimmers who swam in the heats and the final race (BL

The names of swimmers actually swimming on a relay must be submitted at least one hour before the start of the session in which the event is to take place, in the order in which they are to swim. The names of the swimmers in medley relay events must be listed for their respective strokes (BL

Each Member may enter a maximum of 26 men and 26 women swimmers (BL

5. Team officials

Individuals who are serving as Team Officials (coaches, managers, chaperons, etc.) cannot serve as Technical Meet Officials.

Each Federation shall be allowed to include in its delegation Team Officials (coaches, managers, trainers, chaperons, etc.) in a number dependent upon the number of competitors entering and participating in accordance with the following:

Number of
Maximum Number
of Team Officials
1-2 competitor(s) 1
3-5 competitors 2
6-10 competitors 4
11-20 competitors 8
21-30 competitors 10
31-40 competitors  13
Over 41 competitors 16

6. Accreditation

National Federations are to note the number of Team Officials (coaches, managers, chaperons, etc.) allowed by discipline, as detailed above. Requests for additional accreditation passes will be subject to FINA approval and will incur a fee for every additional accreditation issued.

7. Local transportation

Team Officials will share the same shuttle bus transportation provided by Doha 2014 OC to the participating Teams.