FINA Clinics for Coaches


FINA Clinics for Coaches are intended to train coaches of all levels through courses led by an FINA expert.

The purpose of FINA Clinics for Coaches is to:

- Provide basic training to coaches through courses in their respective disciplines;

- Allow for a ‘standardisation’ of the training given to coaches around the world, providing a quality and performance benchmark for National Federations; 

- Provide the best education and training to coaches in order to support successful performances in the pool.

The FINA Clinics for Coaches are available to National Federations wishing to host a training clinic for coaches or attend a clinic in the continental region. Any person interested in developing their coaching skills and attending a clinic should contact their National Federation directly. 

The expert lecturers at FINA Clinics for Coaches are international experts approved and nominated by FINA.

The clinics are proposed by the Continental Organisations and coordinated by the FINA Office, the organisers (National Federations), FINA Technical Commissions and FINA Coaches Commission.


Dates: 1st sem. = 1st semester of the year (Jan-Jun); 2nd sem. = 2nd semester of the year (Jul-Dec)

Discipline (Disc.): DV = Diving; OW = Open Water; SW = Swimming; SY = Synchronised Swimming; WP = Water Polo

Category (Cat.): Co = Coaches; Ju = Judges; Of = Officials; Re = Referees; To = Technical Officials

Level (L): BA = Basic; IN = Intermediate; AD = Advanced

Language (Lang.): AR = Arabic; FR = French; EN = English; ES = Spanish; RU = Russian

tbc = to be confirmed