WP Juniors (W), Day 4: Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Hungary complete the set of quarterfinalists

FINA World Junior Water Polo Championships

Volos (Greece), 22 August - The final four tickets for the quarterfinals went to the expected teams, as no surprises took place in the fourth day if the 10th FINA World’s Women Junior Water Polo Championships. Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Hungary secured their spots for the decisive stage of the tournament, easily winning their qualification matches.

Quarters: 0-3, 1-5, 0-3, 0-4

South Africa: GASCOIGRE Alexandra, HAIRD Nicole, RAWSTEN Christy, ROSSLEE Kim, KILLEN Lindscy, GRESSEY Nina, BENTHAN Sarah, LIDSTON Kelly 1, CHRISTIAN Jelaine, PARKERS Megan, MCKENZIE Nicole, LOUBSER Emma

Brazil: CHAMORDO Victoria, ALBA Diana, DUARTE Mariana 1, SANTORO Adhary 1, MORAES Luiza 1, LIMA Victoria, HERNANDEZ Roberta 1, CHIAPPINI Izabella 4, ARAUZO Marina, VELOSO Tatiana 2, COUTINHO Mirella  1, BAHIA Viviane 4, BELCHIOR Amanda

RSA: 0/3
BRA: 4/4

RSA: 0/1
BRA: 0/0


The first match of the day was quite uneventful, as the two teams looked disappointed after their non-qualification from the final stage of the tournament. However, Brazil was more active and finished the half time with a 8-1 advantage. The picture remained unchanged in the second part of the game, with the margin getting bigger and South Africa being unable to score. In a great day for the South Americans were Isabella Chiappini and Viviane Bahia who scored four goals each. After this result, Brazil will battle with Kazakhstan for the 12th position.


Quarters: 5-2, 5-1, 3-1, 4-1

Spain: FERNANDEZ HERRERA Patricia, ZUNIGA Laura Vicente, LLAQUET Anni Espar 3, GARCIA GRAUPERA Carla, AYMERICH Roser Tarrago 6, LOPEZ Irene Gonzalez 2, LLAQUET Clara Espar 2, MUNOZ Beatriz Ortiz 1, PASQUAL Marta Bach, ALVAREZ Nar Pastor, ESFORZADO Paula Chillida 1, ARIZA Judith Forca 2, GONZALEZ Maria Sanchez

New Zealand: MURPHY Olivia, GRAHAM Taymee, MAHADEVAN Renuka, LALA Nina, COUVE-CAMPBELL Simone, PARKS Rebecca  1, GEARY Chelsea 1, LOPES DA SILVA Caitlin 1, REWI- HENRY Natashia 1, BURNS Rachel, FERIGO Ricci, ENOKA Kate 1, HERRIOT Zephyr

ESP: 6/9
NZL: 1/8

ESP: 1/1
NZL: 1/1

Referees: JOHNSON Nikola (AUS), ALLEN Andrew (GBR)

Without much effort, Spain became the first team to take one of the four tickets for the final eight from the qualification round. The Iberians, being the clear favourites, entered the match with much more confidence than their opponents and easily led 10-3 at halftime. New Zealanders, on the other hand, were seeking to adapt to the conditions of the game but they could not cause any real threat, having a poor rate in extra-man situations (1/8). The huge difference allowed the teams to play in a soft tone, and the second part of the game was just a formal procedure. After that, Spain, which had in Aymerich its leading player (six goals), is going to fight with Australia for a place in the semifinal.

Quarters: 0-3, 4-3, 3-3, 1-2

Canada: GAUDREAULT Jessica, LEKNESS Rae Francis, STEENKAMER Rebekka, SOHI Gurpreet 2, CREVIER Roxane, NATHEWS Kelly 1, ROBMSON Cara, MCKELVEY Harley 2, WRIGHT Emma 2, KINDRED Paul 1, TIELMANN Alexa, WRIGHT Claire

Italy: SPARANO Fabiana, DARIO Sara 2, VERDUCCI Martina, VIACAVA Giulia, MILLO Alessia  2, REPETTO Laura 1, GALARDI Giuditta, TABANI Chiara 1, PALMIERI Valeria 2, MARLETTA Claudia 2, GRILLO Roberta, POMERI Francesca 1, NIGRO Divina

CAN: 2/7
ITA: 2/3

CAN: 0/0
ITA: 0/2

Referees: VARKONYI Cabriella (HUN), INESTA Ernest (ESP)

Canada’s good performance against Greece had warned Italy concerning the strength of the North Americans. The team of Paolo Zizza (Italy’s coach) started the match being fully concentrated and they succeeded from the early beginning to build a difference of three goals. Italy’s win at this point seemed very possible, however, a missed penalty and a goal on the next phase for Canada, while the score was 5-0 for the Europeans, changed the direction of the game. The North Americans with four consecutive goals almost equalize and a few minutes from the end of the third period the score was of 7-8 for Italy. Nevertheless, the Azzuri withstand the pressure securing a vital win and simultaneously earning a ticket for the quarterfinals, where they will meet the big favourite of the tournament, Russia.

Quarters: 0-4, 1-4, 1-3, 0-7

Uzbekistan: Elena DUKHAKOVA, DADABAEVA Nellya, LARCHENKO Anastasiya, PIFTOR Eseniya 1, DJUMALIEVA Angelina 1, SHAYDULLINA Regina, MOROZOVA Ekaterina, NIGMATULLINA Rufina, UMAROVA Liliya, KOZLOUSKAYA Valeriya, TESHABAEVA Ziedahon, PULATOVA Maftuna, KAMILA Abdeeva

Great Britain: SMITH Jade, TASKEN Lauren 4, GRIMES Honor 2, GILBERT Sophie 1, CHADDERTON Ella 2,  HESKETH Katie 4,  TAFAZOLLI Brooke 1, NIXON Claire 2, HUCK Rosemary 2, DEAN Courtney, ELLIOT  Danielle, OSCROFT Rhianne, THOMPSON Kate

UZB: 2/3
GBR: 1/2

UZB: 1/2
GBR: 1/1

Referees:  BRASILIANO Fabio (ITA), RANDALL Lionel (RSA)   

In the second of the evening games, two outsiders of the tournament battled for a place in the final eight. Great Britain, looking for their first victory in the tournament, made a fantastic start and at the end of the first two periods was leading by 8-1. In the second part of the game, Great Britain kept on scoring and growing the margin. As the final result testifies, the British team played a lot better than their opponent and deserved the qualification for the quarterfinals. Next opponent for the team of Nick Hume is the home country, Greece, at their biggest test in the tournament till now.


Quarters: 2-7, 1-6, 0-6, 1-5

Ukraine: DVORZHETSKA Elena, BULAKH Anfisa, MELNYCHUK Anastasiya 3, ANDRYEYENA Mariya, TELYPKO Dina, LYSENKO Valeriia, SERHIEIEVA Viktoriia, FILIUSHKINA Anastasia, PALAMARCHUK Mariia, FEDUTENKO Kateryna, SHEVCHENKO Karyna 1, ABOIMOVA Iryna, GRES Anastasia

Hungary: HORVATH Anna,  ILLES Anna Krisztina 2, Dora ANTAL 3, GURISATTI Greta 4, MISKOLCZI Ibolya Kitti 1, KOVESDI Vivien, GEMES  Alexa Anett 2, GARDA Krisztina 3, MILKOS Dora 1, ZIEGLER Diana 3, HORVATH Brigitta 3, POLAK Zsofia 2, BARNA Edina

UKR: 1/3
HUN: 3/5

UKR: 0/0
HUN: 2/3

Referees: HORESTANO Natasa (BRA), DABBAGHAIN Daniella (USA)

As expected, Hungary confirmed from the beginning of the game that they were the clear dominators of the game. The Magyars made an evening cruise which allowed their coach, Mihok Attila, to rest many players in order to be fresh for Friday’s much more difficult game against the USA. Having in excellent day Greta Gurissati who scored 4 goals, Hungary achieved even from the half time to be in front with 13-3. As the time passed the difference was getting bigger and bigger. Eventually, it stopped at twenty goals (24-4), which is the biggest win of the four days of the world championship.