Swimming, Day 7 - Women’s 200m backstroke: Franklin (USA) imperial, sets new CR (2:04.76)

BCN2013 - Swimming

Missy Franklin (USA)In what was one of the most predictable finals of the day, Missy Franklin (USA) got her fifth gold in Barcelona, after a comfortable win in 2:04.76, a new Championships record. The best mark at FINA’s major event had been set by Kirsty Coventry (ZIM) in Rome 2009, when she got the gold in 2:04.81. Franklin’s tally in the Catalan capital now comprises the 200m back, 200m free, 100m backstroke, 4x100m free relay and 4x200m free relay. The North American star – Olympic champion in this event - was also the fastest of the semis and held since June the best performance of the year in 2:05.78.

The silver went to Belinda Hocking, from Australia, who repeated her performance from Shanghai 2011, while the bronze medal went to Hilary Caldwell (CAN), her first success at this level.


World Record: Missy Franklin (USA), 2:04.06 – August 3, 2012 in London (GBR)
Championships Record: Missy Franklin (USA), 2:04.76 – August 3, 2013 in Barcelona (ESP)
Best performance of the current season (since January 2013): Missy Franklin (USA), 2:04.76 – August 3, in Barcelona (ESP)
2003-2011 winners in this event: 2003 – Katy Sexton (GBR, 2:08.74); 2005 – Kirsty Coventry (ZIM, 2:08.52); 2007 – Margaret Hoelzer (USA, 2:07.16); 2009 – Kirsty Coventry (ZIM, 2:04.81); 2011 – Missy Franklin (USA, 2:05.10)
The best in this event (1. most victories or 2. fastest time): Cornelia Sirch (GDR, 1982 & 1986), Kirsty Coventry (ZIM, 2005 & 2009) and Missy Franklin (2011 & 2013)
2012 Olympic podium: 1. Missy Franklin (USA, 2:04.06), 2. Anastasia Zueva (RUS, 2:05.92), 3. Elizabeth Beisel (USA, 2:06.55)


Gold medal winner: Missy Franklin (USA)

On success in Barcelona: "It never gets easy, the competition here is absolutely unbelievable, it's as tough as rewarding for sure."

On swimming many events: "I takes a lot of control, emotionally and physically, I'm taking it session by session otherwise it becomes too overwhelming. That way it's a lot easier to handle and to focus on."

Silver medal winner: Belinda Hocking (AUS)

"After 2011, really happy with the silver, big first international medal, expected too much, did not end p getting the result that I wanted, changed coaches, moved towns, change a lot of things not only in swimming but also in my life, it's about waking up every day and try doing something different."

Bronze medal winner: Hilary Caldwell (CAN)

"I am pretty excited about this final. It's so amazing, it's my first international medal."