Water Polo Women: Day 7: Bronze: HUN 10 RUS 8

BCN2013 - Water Polo

HUN vs RUSHungary overcame a 3-1 deficit in the first quarter and took until halfway through the final quarter to grab a two-goal lead, which it maintained to deny Russia a record fifth bronze medal 10-8. The match was levelled at 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6 and 7-7 before Hungary took the elad at the final break and triumphantly pulled away.

Russia started strongly, racing to 2-0 before Hungary responded. When Olga Belova scored on extra for 3-1, Russia looked set for a lucrative match, however, Hungary fired up and Gabriella Toth and Gabriella Szucs scored at centre forward and with a lob respectively for 3-3 at quarter time.

Hungary took the lead for the first time through the high-performing Rita Keszthelyi on counter attack, fending off a defender, then lobbing Russian goalkeeper Anna Karnaukh. Ekaterina Tankeeva (RUS) on extra at two metres; Szucs (HUN) on extra and Olga Beliaeva with her second with a centre-forward, backhand lob for 5-5 nine second from halftime.

Goals were traded in the third quarter with Russia winning 3-2. Ildiko Toth (HUN) and Alexandra Antonova (RUS) gained two each and Keszthelyi netted a second to bring up her 20th in Barcelona. Hungary had an 8-7 lead.

Hungary started to shut the gate when Keszthelyi netted a third. The match became more interesting with Belova’s second goal on counter. Less than 20 seconds later Orsolya Takacs assured her teammates of a podium presence with a nine-metre shot into the top right. Both teams went to a timeout with out any more scoring.

Hungary women delivered for their nation, with their men set to collect another tomorrow as they play the final with Montenegro.

It was Hungary’s fourth World Championship medal to go with two gold and one silver. In international competition this year, Russia beat Hungary 12-9 in the semifinals of this year’s World League in Beijing, previously losing 11-10 in the group phase. Now Hungary has the one that matters.

Match 43: 20:45, Classification 3-4 (Bronze Medal), RUSSIA 8 HUNGARY 10
Quarters: 3-3, 2-2, 2-3, 1-2
Referees: Amber Drury (USA), Mario Bianchi (ITA).
Extra Man: RUS: 5/9 (5/12). HUN: 3/7 (3/9).
Pens: HUN: 1/1.

RUSSIA: Anna Ustyukhina, Diana Antonova, Ekaterina Prokofyeva, Elvina Karimova, Alexandra Antonova (3), Olga Belova (2), Ekaterina Tankeeva (1), Anna Grineva, Anna Timofeeva, Olga Beliaeva (2), Evgeniya Ivanova, Ekaterina Zelentsova, Anna Karnaukh. Head Coach: Mikhail Nakoryakov.
HUNGARY: Flora Bolonyai, Anna Illes, Dora Antal, Dora Kisteleki, Gabriella Szucs (1), Orsolya Takacs (1), Ibolya Miskolczi, Rita Keszthelyi (3), Ildiko Toth (3), Barbara Bujka, Krisztina Garda, Kata Menczinger (1), Orsolya Kaso. Head Coach: Andras Meresz.
Match Report:


Dora Kisteleki (HUN):
“The reason why we won a medal is that we are a really strong team. We love each other, this is our energy and power. We are really united. We have fulfilled our goal to win a medal.”

Andras Meresz (HUN Head Coach):
“The physical education was the key for us to win. The Russian team was very fast today but we were physically and mentally better than them. The level has changed with the new young players and this has been really good for us. The Spanish team is the best of this championship.”

Olga Beliaeva (RUS):
“We are very sad because we came to this championship to win the gold medal but it hasn’t been possible. At the beginning of this tournament we played excellent, 10 out of 10, but today we didn’t show our best.”

Ekaterina Prokofyeva (RUS):
“We fought until the end. They were simply stronger than us. We have to improve, swim faster and fight stronger. I am very sad.”