Water Polo Women, Day 7: 7th & 8th - NED 12 CAN 9

BCN2013 - Water Polo

NED vs CANNetherlands captain Yasemin Smit led her team to seventh classification with a 12-9 victory over Canada. Smit scored three times in the opening quarter as the Dutch went from 5-1at the first break to 6-1 early in the second quarter. Canada woke up at this stage and started competing and then outplaying Netherlands 8-7 in the last three periods.

The Dutch meant business from the start and only veteran Joelle Bekhazi broke the Dutch charge at 2-1.

Canada pulled the margin back to 6-3 midway through the second quarter but the margin went back to five at halftime when Nomi Stomphorst and Lieke Klaassen netting a minute apart.

The match heated up in the third period with three consecutive goals by Canada, followed by three consecutive Dutch goals, including two from Sabrina van der Sloot for 11-6. Bekhazi scored on extra to being it back to four two seconds from buzzer.

Valin sent in her third and fourth goals — doubling her championship tally — for 11-9 with 2:10 remaining, a tantalising margin. It did not happen and Klaassen notched her third penalty goal —and 25 for the championship — to close the match at 12-9.

It was Netherlands’ sixth victory over Canada in World Championships. Canada has to go back to Fukuoka 2001 when it beat the Dutch for the only time, going on to collect the bronze medal.

Immediately after the match, Dutch gold medallists from the Beijing Olympics — Iefke van Belkum and Biurakn Hakhverdian — announced their retirements. This leaves just goalkeeper Ilse van de Meijden and Smit as the remaining gold medallists.

Match 41: 15:00, Classification 7-8, CANADA 9 NETHERLANDS 12
Quarters: 1-5, 2-3, 4-3, 2-1
Referees: Gabor Vogel (HUN), Sergy Naumov (RUS).
Extra Man: CAN: 5/8 (5/9). NED: 1/3 (1/5).
Pens: NED: 3/3.

CANADA: Michele Relton, Krystina Alogbo, Katrina Monton, Emma Wright, Monika Eggens, Sophie Baron La Salle, Joelle Bekhazi (2), Dominique Perrault (2), Carmen Eggens, Christine Robinson (1), Stephanie Valin (4), Marina Radu, Nicola Colterjohn. Head Coach: Guy Baker.
NETHERLANDS: Ilse van der Meijden, Yasemin Smit (3), Marloes Nijhuis, Biurakn Hakhverdian (2), Sabrina van der Sloot (2), Nomi Stomphorst (1), Iefke van Belkum, Vivian Sevenich (1), Carolina Slagter, Dagmar Genee, Lieke Klaassen (3), Leonie van der Molen, Anne Heinis. Head Coach: Mauro Maugeri.


Iefke van Belkum (NED):
"I announce my definitive retirement from international selection. I will only continue to play in my club in the Dutch championship. I don't agree with the way the Dutch Federation is managed. I'm very disappointed not to play for a medal here because we were Olympic champions in 2008. My decision was already taken before the World Championships."

Cees van Hardeveld (Technical Manager of the Dutch Federation)
"I'm disappointed that Iefke didn't speak directly to us before and by the way she used (these championships) to announce her retirement criticising the federation. She's our best player and I hope we can solve it internally. I don't agree when she says the Dutch Federation isn't well managed."

Biurakn Hakhverdian (NED):
"I’ve decided to retire from water polo and move to Canada for personal reasons."

Lieke Klaassen (NED):
“We came here to win a medal and we only finished seventh. We have to see if we will continue with the same team in the future.”

Nomi Stomphorst (NED):
“We played our game against Russia and Spain, but in some moments their level was higher than ours. Before the start of this championship we were going to fight for a medal.”

Joelle Bekhazi (CAN):
“I feel bad and very disappointed with the team because it has been a very hard game. We came back very strong at the end and scored some goals and showed some character.”