Swimming, Day 3 - Women's 100m backstroke: Franklin (USA) maintains winning ways

BCN2013 - Swimming

Franklin (USA) maintains winning waysOlympic champion Missy Franklin captured her second gold medal of the Barcelona World Championships with an emphatic victory in the 100m backstroke. The 18-year-old American, who led the USA to victory in the 4x100m freestyle relay on the opening evening in the pool, dominated the race from start to finish. She turned at 50 metres in 28.62, inside world record pace, and won by a comfortable margin in 58.42, finishing 0.30 seconds outside the 2009 world mark of Gemma Spofforth (GBR).

Emily Seebohm (AUS) took the silver, 0.64 seconds behind, in 59.06, and Aya Terakawa (JPN), 50m backstroke silver medallist in 2011, the bronze in 59.23. The 1-2-3 order repeated the medal podium of the 2012 Olympics. Franklin won four gold medals at the London Olympics and is in the hunt for more medals in Barcelona.

World Record: Gemma Spofforth (GBR), 58.12 – July 28, 2009 in Rome (ITA)
Championships Record: Gemma Spofforth (GBR), 58.12 – July 28, 2009 in Rome (ITA)
Best performance of the current season (since January 2013): Missy Franklin (USA), 58.42 – July 30 in Barcelona (ESP)
2003-2011 winners in this event: 2003 – Antje Buschschulte (GER, 1:00.50); 2005 – Kirsty Coventry (ZIM, 1:00.24); 2007 – Natalie Coughlin (USA, 59.44); 2009 – Gemma Spofforth (GBR, 58.12); 2011 – Jing Zhao (CHN, 59.05)
The best in this event (1. most victories or 2. fastest time): Ulrike Richter (GDR, 1973 & 1975) and Natalie Coughlin (USA, 2001 & 2007)
2012 Olympic podium: 1. Missy Franklin (USA, 58.33), 2. Emily Seebohm (AUS, 58.68), 3. Aya Terakawa (JPN, 58.83)


Gold medal winner: Missy Franklin (USA)

"I'm very happy with how fast I went, I never took it that fast in the 100m back."

On incredible energy: "It just comes from the inside. My parents taught me to do what I love with all my heart and that's where the energy comes from. It's just how much fun I have in swimming."

"I'm taking one race at a time. I think it's the most important thing to do when you have such a heavy schedule otherwise it becomes too overwhelming."

"Team USA had an incredible night, we'll definitely keep this momentum going for the rest of the meet."

Silver medal winner: Emily Seebohm (AUS)

On the three getting the same positions as last Olympics: "It's something we need to be proud of, we were excited to see each other getting the same medals and just to be on that podium because that's where we want to be every time."

Bronze medal winner: Aya Terakawa (JPN)

"Since I got the bronze in London, I was considering whether to continue swimming or not. After thinking I started training again, it was kind of late but I tried to do my best. Now the more I swim the better I feel, I really enjoyed this whole last year so then I started thinking I could get the gold in this event. I made the podium with the same swimmers than last year so it made me really happy."