Swimming, Day 2 - Men's 50m butterfly: 5th World gold for Cielo (BRA)

BCN2013 - Swimming

Cesar Cielo (BRA), gold medallistCesar Cielo sprinted home in a tight finish to retain his 50m butterfly crown and claim the fifth world title of his career. The Brazilian flyer, world 50 and 100m freestyle champion in 2009 and 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly champion in 2011, made it five world golds but it was a very close-run thing. Cielo, Olympic 50m freestyle champion in 2008, hit the wall in the one-length lung-buster in 23.01 as Eugene Godsoe (USA), the slowest qualifier in outside lane 8, scooped the silver in 23.05, just 0.04 seconds adrift. Fred Bousquet (FRA), now 32, claimed the bronze in 23.11 to add to a collection which includes world silver in the 50m freestyle and bronze in the 100m free from 2009.

Cielo's Brazilian team-mate Nicholas Santos, the fastest final qualifier and at 33 the oldest man in the race, finished just 0.20 seconds behind the winner and 0.10 behind Bousquet in fourth place (23.21). Five of the semi-final times were quicker than Cielo's winning time in the final.


Reigning Olympic 50m freestyle champion Florent Manaudou, a Barcelona gold medal already in his possession from the victorious French 4x100m freestyle relay, was eighth and last, a mere 0.34 seconds behind champion Cielo. World record holder Rafael Munoz (ESP) and 2005 and 2007 world champion Roland Schoeman (RSA) failed to make the final.

World Record: Rafael Munoz (ESP), 22:43 – April 5, 2009 in Malaga (ESP)
Championships Record: Milorad Cavic (SRB), 22.67 – July 27, 2009 in Rome (ITA)
Best performance of the current season (since January 2013): Nicholas Santos (BRA), 22.81 – July 28, in Barcelona (ESP)
2003-2011 winners in this event: 2003 – Matt Welsh (AUS, 23.43); 2005 – Roland Schoeman (RSA, 22.96); 2007 – Roland Schoeman (RSA, 23.18); 2009 – Milorad Cavic (SRB, 22.67); 2011 – Cesar Cielo (BRA, 23.10)
The best in this event (1. most victories or 2. fastest time): Roland Schoeman (RSA, 2005 & 2007)
Not in the Olympic programme


Gold medal winner: Cesar Cielo (BRA)

"It wasn't very easy after Olympics, mostly for 2 reasons: I did not get result that I wanted and I had a surgery in both of my knees. I'm now at 10 months after the surgery. I think for now, after this World Championships is over, we can have a decent break at least for us [the Brazilians] because we don't have anything big until the Pan Pacs and World Championships in short-course next year. I'm probably going to take a couple of weeks off after this and try to focus on getting back my knees to a 100%."

"To win this gold after this surgery is great because I could not push off the wall for 2 months, I started kicking again around March so it was a tough time. To be honest I am not feeling 100% because we did not have enough time to train but I'm feeling very fast."

Silver medal winner: Eugene Godsoe (USA)

"50 flys are very tough events, if you go truly 100% it's easy to swim too fast and a lot of people got too excited in the final."

"I just swam my race, I stayed very comfortable and did not worry about anything else."

Bronze medal winner: Fred Bousquet (FRA)

"In butterfly you need to hold on, let's say 98-99 % to actually do our best and that's I think what everybody did tonight. Everybody wanted to win this race and get faster, but it's a final so it's really hard."