Water Polo Men: Day 4: AUS 8 GER 4

BCN2013 - Water Polo

GER vs AUSAustralia completed the list of quarter-finalists by defeating Germany 8-4 and will now look forward to Tuesday when it must front Olympic champion Croatia for a semifinal berth. Australia had the better defence, the better goalkeeper and better strike power and thoroughly deserved a quarterfinal match.

Australia controlled the opening quarter through power shots from captain Rhys Howden and Aaron Younger with a rifle shot. When Heiko Nossek scored the first goal for Germany at the start of the second quarter, it was a touch of Australian infamy as the 700th goal conceded at World Championships, second only to Canada’s 742.

Howden scored from the deep right for 3-1 and Nossek replied on the next attack for his second goal on extra-man attack.

John Cotterill finished an extra-man play for Australia to take the Aussie Sharks 4-2 ahead into the second half. Germany nullified Australia’s centre-forward play and Australia shut down Germany’s close attack.

Germany exchanged goalkeepers as Roger Kong only stopped four from eight, so Moritz Schenkel took the water. Playing in front of a sea of gold in the top stands, about 450 German youth water polo players were supporting their team with chants similar to Australia’s “Oi, Oi, Oi”. The German flag  “swam” across the sea of gold as the chant of “Deutschland” filled the warm night air.

Aidan Roach opened the third period on counter and found himself entangled in two players, only to slip left and score for a spectacular strike and 5-2. Tight defence by both teams led to no goals.

The next came from Younger three minutes into the final period on counter for 6-2 and Germany responded immediately through Maurice Juengling — his first of the week —on extra at 4:07, still enough time to upset the Aussie Sharks.

The crowd roar said it all a minute later when Julian Real steered in a cross pass on extra to reduce the margin to 6-4.

However, on the next attack, Australia finally scored from centre forward with Joel Swift backhanding in a goal from four metres. Cotterill netted his second for 8-4 soon after and Germany was out of the championships.

Australian goalkeeper James Clark had a great game with 11 saves from 15 shots on goal.


Match 32: 21:30, Quarterfinal Qualification, GERMANY 4 AUSTRALIA 8
Quarters: 0-2, 2-2, 0-1, 2-3
Referees: Sergio Borrell (ESP), Mario Bianchi (ITA).
Extra Man: GER: ¾. AUS: 1/2
Pens: Nil

GERMANY: Roger Kong, Erik Bukowski, Erik Miers, Julian Real (1), Till Rohe, Maurice Juengling (1), Heiko Nossek (2), Paul Schueler, Marko Stamm, Moritz Oeler, Andreas Schlotterbeck, Dennis Eidner, Moritz Schenkel. Head Coach: Nebojsa Novoselac.
AUSTRALIA: Joel Dennerley, Richard Campbell, Matthew Martin, John Cotterill (2), Nathan Power, Jarrod Gilchrist, Aidan Roach (1), Aaron Younger (2), Joel Swift (1), Tyler Martin, Rhys Howden (2), William Miller, James Clark. Head Coach: Elvis Fatovic.


Moritz Oeler (GER):
“We’ve lost so we are not happy. It hasn’t been an easy match but Australia played much better. Still we didn’t expected this result, we thought it would be a more balanced game.”
Till Rohe (GER):
“It has been a bad match and unfortunately we are not on the top right. Two months ago we were training together in Germany and we were equals. Our team is new and this is the start of a new beginning. ”
Moritz Schenkel (GER):
"We didn´t start to play until the last quarter, and it was too late. Australia´s defence was very strong, and their keeper did an amazing job. We were visiting yesterday the supporters at the camp, and they are amazing, their support has been great."
Richard Campbell (AUS):
“We worked on our defensive tactics especially for this game against Germany and it really paid off. We did exactly what the coach wanted. I lived in Barcelona for three years and am loving being in the city again.”
William Miller (AUS):
"We have based the game on the defence, all the team has made an incredible effort and the keeper has been amazing. All the matches are very important, and we need to keep playing in this way."
Elvis Fatovic (AUS Head Coach):
“Our defence was great. At times we may have even been too passive in our attack but this was compensated by our strong defence. We will try our best against Croatia but no team in the world compares to them in overall skill so I am worried.”