Orlando Duque: "Why High Diving? Because it's a new challenge"

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Orlando Duque (COL)Orlando Duque, from Colombia, is one of the most well-known high divers in the world. He explained today to the media in Barcelona (ESP), two days before the start of the High Diving competition, for the first time included in the programme of a FINA World Championships, what leads a pool diver like him, to higher heights. “When you dive on a pool, it gets a bit boring after a while. All the pools look the same and you want to look for something different. Then, you start to think on diving a bit higher, then again a bit higher and then you end up doing the 27m-platform. It’s a kind of new challenge. This was my case”, considered Duque, a champion in the Cliff Diving World Series.

In the FINA Press Conference introducing the second week of competition in Barcelona, the Colombian athlete then explained to the journalists what are the main difficulties of such a high dive: “There are two problems: the entry in the water and getting disoriented in the air. The first one is clearly vital, as we reach a very high acceleration and if you don’t enter the water in the vertical position, it will hurt a lot… It’s clearly the biggest difficulty”. On more positive sensations, Duque smiles:

“The feeling in the air must be like the one a dog is experiencing when it has the head out of a window on a moving car. We feel the air, the sun, and the water approaching fast. Those are three seconds plenty of nice sensations!”.

He finally expressed his satisfaction for the inclusion of High Diving in the programme of the FINA World Championships. “When you do this sport with so much passion, it is very rewarding to know that you will finally compete at the highest level, at a World Championships. It is a very high recognition for what we are doing and for the effort we are devoting to this discipline”, he concluded.

Orlando Duque in Boston, 2012 - credit: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool

In this FINA Press Conference, Dr. Andrew Pipe, Chairman of the FINA Doping Control Review Board, also briefed the media on the programme in place for these Championships. “It will be the most efficient and elaborated anti-doping strategy in the history of this competition”, he said.

FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione thanked the presence of the media and the promotion they do for FINA’s major showcase. “Tomorrow, will start in this outstanding venue [the Palau Sant Jordi] the Swimming events, where we are of course expecting a high-level competition, with many confirmed and emerging stars”, considered Dr. Maglione.

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