Water Polo Women: Day 3: USA 16 GBR 4

BCN2013 - Water Polo

USA vs GBROlympic champion United States of America had the better of Great Britain, winning Group C. With three wins, USA looks set for an easier run to the quarterfinals, as it should with such a talented lineup at head coach Adam Krikorian’s disposal. With the goals coming thick and fast, Krikorian used all his team to excellent effect.

Great Britain seemed to hold off the stronger USA players, allowing them too much space to shoot. Faster reflexes by the USA was also a telling point.

Both teams shot 26 times but the USA was more accurate. Ciara Gibson-Byrne scored with an excellent 5m lob and from the penalty line to lift her tournament tally to seven. Maggie Steffens, the London Olympics’ most valuable player, netted twice and leads her team in shooting at six.

Great Britain ends the group play with no win and will have to face a group winner in the quarterfinal qualification in two days’ time.

Quarters: 4-0, 2-2, 3-1, 7-1
Referees: Ian Melliar (RSA), Danny Flahive (AUS).
Extra Man: USA: 1/2. GBR: 1/2
Pens: USA: 3/3. GBR: 1/1

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Elizabeth Armstrong, Lauren Silver (1), Melissa Seidemann (1), Rachel Fattal (2), Caroline Clark (3), Margaret Steffens (2), Courtney Mathewson (1), Kiley Neushal, Jillian Kraus (1), Kelly Rulon (1), Annika Dries, Kameryn Craig (2), Tumuaialii Anae. Head Coach: Adam Krikorian.
GREAT BRITAIN: Rosemary Morris, Chloe Wilcox, Fiona McCann, Ciara Gibson-Byrne (2), Ainee Hoy, Claire Nixon, Lisa Gibson, Hazel Musgrove, Peggy Etiebet, Angela Winstanley-Smith (1), Francesca Clayton, Kathryn Fowler (1), Jade Smith. Head Coach: Paul Metz.


Margaret Steffens (USA):
“The key of the victory was the first quarter. At the end of the match we lost concentration.”
Caroline Clark (USA):
“It was a good match because Great Britain does a lot of things than the other teams don´t do, so this is good for us. In general, I’m satisfied with the team’s job; we stayed focused all the time.”
Adam Krikorian (USA Head Coach):
“The game was easier than we expected, although it was a tough game because both teams were inspired. We played the way we wanted to play.”
Claire Nixon (GBR):
“Today we realised we have to improve our defence. We were focused on the next round. The next match will be against Hungary and it will be really hard.”
Paul Metz (GBR Head Coach):
“Of course, I am not happy with the final result, but there are some positive aspects we can work on. Against the USA, even though you manage to change the tactics, they always find a solution. For the next round, we are not in the position to decide which team we prefer to meet, we don’t do projections. We are a young team and we must keep humble.”