Doping Control Rules 2009-2013

DC 12.1 If four or more anti-doping rule violation are committed by Competitors in the same discipline affiliated to the same Member Federation within a period of twelve (12) months from the first offence and sanctioned according to DC 10.2 (except for anti-doping rule violations involving Specified Substances) or DC 10.3.2, the Member Federation shall be suspended in that discipline for twenty-four (24) months. A doping offence being under the jurisdiction of and reported to FINA by a Member Federation or its National Anti-Doping Organisation shall not be included under this rule.

DC 12.2 Member Federations shall be obliged to reimburse FINA for all costs (including laboratory fees and travel) related to an anti-doping rule violation committed by a Person affiliated to that Member Federation.

DC 12.3 Member Federations shall reimburse FINA for the cost of any interpreter which FINA is required to pay pursuant to DC 8.

DC 12.4 Member Federations that have failed to make diligent efforts to keep FINA informed about where a Competitor can be met for No Advance Notice Out-of-Competition Testing may be fined by FINA in an amount up to one-thousand American dollars (USD 1’000.-) per Competitor.

DC 12.5 Except for costs and attorneys fees which may be awarded by CAS, FINA and its representatives shall not be liable to a Competitor or Member Federation for any cost, damage or other loss resulting from actions taken by FINA under these Anti-Doping Rules.

DC 12.6 The FINA Executive shall withhold some or all funding to a Member Federation upon a determination that the Member Federation is not substantially in compliance with the Code.

DC 12.7 The FINA Executive may fine or sanction a Member Federation which fails to substantially comply with the reporting requirements of DC 14.